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“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.” -Sylvia Plath


Miss. Nothing

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1. Real beauty- the kind you find in museums and great literature- is eternal. True beauty comes from the soul and touches the spirit. Note  to all the jerks out there- it’s not about cup size or the shape of the thighs. It’s about the condition of the heart and the state of the mind.

2.Pet peeve- Fickle people who are only interested in the next best thing. Human beings are not expendable. Sincerity and genuine affection carry much more weight than false flattery.  I don’t understand having an ADD-like mindset when it comes to friendship. End rant. Cue silliness.

3. Do people who use the expression “cray cray” know how “stew stew” they sound? (ugh)

4. What’s up with the smiles, Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish? We are so going to eat you! Cue philosophical thought

5. Don’t wait on people to love you. Lead the way. Be a compass of kindness and compassion.

7. The authentic you is beautiful. If you want to impress, be yourself. Trust me, “realness” is a precious commodity. I strive to always be genuine (at times, to my detriment)

8. Speak your truth. Love without conditions. Live without limitations. Count your blessings. Life is fleeting.

9. If you can’t be polite, kindly keep you mouth shut. Manners matter.

10. On Monday, I get to speak to one of my favorite intellectuals- Author and Philosopher -Professor, Mark Kingwell The nerd in me can’t wait.. He doesn’t have a pretentious bone in his body. Mark a true delight to listen to. It’s going to be a fun and illuminating hour. (stoked)

Tune in here:

Miss. Nothing.

Final Thoughts:

The mark of a true rebel (to me) is a person who fights against apathy, who embraces their humanity and looks beyond the surface. It easy to be mean spirited, selfish, materialistic, and shallow. It takes heart and tenacity to embrace traits like honesty, integrity, compassion, kindness, and loyalty.

It’s not about taking the moral high ground. No one is better than anyone else. We don’t all have to believe a certain way or be a certain way. But it sure would be nice if everyone could embrace love, forget about hate, and learn to live in harmony. Hey, a girl can dream. By the way, my rebel wears a suit, smells like Dior, and is handy with a wrench, a pen, and frying pan.

Anyway, gather round, children. Let’s all hold hands and sing a rousing rendition of Kumbayah.


Orange Blossom Morning.

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She left on an orange blossom morning.

with a suitcase full of forget me nots

and a map of the stars.

trotting down an uncharted path.

Singing a tune.

she misplaced long ago.

Taken the bridge out of Eden.

over a river of forgotten dreams.

Seeking solace and shade

under a willow tree.

melting into spring green and new beginnings.


Reflections Of My Life

Artwork by Tosha Michelle

PicsArt_1428258514208“You can’t stop the future. You can’t rewind the past The only way to learn the secret …is to press play.”

“If people refuse to look at you in a new light and they can only see you for what you were, only see you for the mistakes you’ve made, if they don’t realize that you are not your mistakes, then they have to go.”
Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large — I contain multitudes.”
Walt Whitman

Change is an organic thing that that happens every minute, every day, and everywhere. We as people are not meant to stay static.  We may grow up but we should never stop maturing and expanding our hearts and minds.   We shouldn’t be held captive by the past or how people perceive us. We create and radiate our own unique way of being.

In some ways we are always changing but yet staying the same.  When I look back at the me from yesteryear, I still see the same quirky, awkward, random, sentimental girl. I also see a woman who has a wealth of experience, who has endured illness, heartache and loss, but also experienced wonderful life-altering adventures. My journey has taken me out of my comfort zone and into a world of growth and enlightenment. It doesn’t hurt that I have been blessed with the love and unwavering support of family and friends. These people teach me so much every day.

I still process information the same way, but experience has altered the way I interpret that information.  Every day reveals a new layer of character. The years are teaching me and molding me into a better version of myself. I embrace getting older and look forward to one day being a, “wise old soul.” Emerson said “As we grow old the beauty steals inward.” What a beautiful sentiment.

A work in process is what I will always be. I’m still evolving. I hope that never changes, even as I change. However, I know what I stand for and who I am.  Uncertainty has no place in my inner world. It’s a gift where decisions become easier, temptations become less, and confidence grows stronger.

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Vampire Bites


You walk in
and my sanity walks out.
I’m just your victim.
I always fall for your inescapable charm.
Forgetting it is only a ruse.
to mask your Medusa’ gaze.
Go ahead toy with me.
You always win.
Ruminate in the ruins of me.
You’re a vulture.
leaving behind death and decay.
Go ahead.
Swallow me whole.
I’m lost in the breast of your parasitic whim.
all that’s left is the carcass of a once innocent soul.

-Tosha Michelle


Only Words.


Only Words.
by Tosha Michelle

What does it mean to be a poet?
I spend so much time with paper and pen.
Rehashing what was.
Regurgitating what could have been
Lost in my mind’s madness.
Moving like the speed of light.
Trying to catch some long gone comet in the sky.
My words hit or miss.
What am I trying to convey?
I’m stuck in creative recession.
Maybe, I’m just a fool.
Drowning in syntax and emotions.


I Loved Him


I Loved Him.
by Tosha Michelle

I loved him once.
the boy with summer in his eyes.
I wanted to offer him the luster of asbestos
to stroke the flames of an autumn fire.
Instead I watched him fall.
into a bed of thorns.
Sharpen and ready.
waiting for the unwise.
He lay before me.
bleeding poison.
adorned in the pains and wounds
of a love untouched
a rosebud erased.




Cover me in your mesmerizing verse.

You words kiss my skin.

I’m lost in lyrical bliss.

Intoxicated by your rhyme.

Pulsating with your rhythm.

Recite your ballad between the chords of my legs.

Your anointed tongue

licks the core of my soul.

Stroking and coaxing my emotions.

Tangled up in the wildness of poetic expression.

I come undone.

-Tosha Michelle


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