14 thoughts on “Oops He Did It Again

  1. I think sometimes our own hurts eclipse our empathy for those who we seem to have hurt us.. So I get what you mean in this.. and this goes for older generations.. I do feel for what Harry suffered when he was young but I do agree its better to try to keep close to family rather than just judge them.. there is a reason for everything.


    1. Absolutely. I know that depression and pain can give one tunnel vision. I just think he seems fragile and people like Oprah shouldn’t be exploiting that. I feel for the entire family and hope they can heal.

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      1. That is a really good point.. her exploiting it.. I think she does a lot of that out of her own ignorance.. yes, he is so so fragile.. he went through such a huge loss at 12 years of age.. we must never forget that.. ❤


      2. I can’t imagine how much both he and William suffered losing their mom at such young ages. I never discount that but there were some inaccuracies in the first Oprah interview that didn’t sit right with me. For example, they gave the impression that the family took away their security away. They did no such thing. The British taxpayers pay for that. Why should they continue to pay for their protection when they live in America and are no longer doing the royal duties? Also, William and Harry started an organization called Heads Together years ago that’s whole purpose is mental health and talking mental health issues. Both William and Harry over the years have been vocal about their issues with grief and their mental health. Prince Charles has went to therapy. In that interview, Meghan said she wasn’t allowed to seek help, but then Harry said he didn’t tell his family so which was it? I just found that confusing.
        Also, the British press didn’t just call Catherine Waity Katie. They stalked her relentlessly when they first discovered she was dating William, they called her family opportunistic and published topless photos of her they took when she was away on a private trip. The British tabloid press has a reputation of being reprehensible. In recent years, they’ve implied that William is having an affair with one of her best friends. I’m not saying that equates to what Meghan had to go through but no one in that family escapes from their vile clutches. Also, no one took Archie title away, he wasn’t yet entitled to be a prince because Charles isn’t King and Harry is the second born.

        Anyway, I digress. Up until that first Oprah interview, I felt nothing but compassion for them. I still have a lot of empathy, but it is tempered now with a hint of restraint.

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      3. I understand in some ways I feel William and Kate suffer a lot because they have more decorum or perhaps are not as ‘rebellious; if that makes any sense.. and I am sure Kate suffered a lot too.. the British Press are pretty invasive and vile, really.. so you are right Meghan has by no way the monopoly on outrage..also I did not like they way she tried to paint Kate as a bully I just think both William and Kate are very very soft individuals..


      4. I love the way you process things. I always have. We are of the same mind on this. Let’s hope they can all find healing and reconciliation.

        PS. I think you’re right about Oprah, I don’t think she intentionally exploits anyone. I think she’s very naïve and trusting but she lost me when she gave Dr. Phil a platform. Ugh! Haha 😜❤️


  2. They’re all nutters! That’s my opinion, it’s cos they’re lunatics – they’re actually doing it right! Lol they don’t really interest me, we should probably abolish the monarchy but too many people are enjoying it, I just can’t take it seriously, even though I’m English, I just feel that it’s got surreal over the last few centuries 😀😀


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