The Canterpurry Tails

The felines in my life  Meow! Can you handle the cuteness?  Happy Wednesday from Tucker, Joe and Georgie.


I Wish


I wish I could shield you,
from sorrows.
From the broken candy dish,
the alarm clock
that always rings too early,
the frayed ends
of a doormat,
Donald Trump’s hair,
the economy that
never truly recovers.

I would save you from
endless bills, the sink
that always leaks.
Depression that leads
to pill filled mornings.
The inglorious path
to old age.
The trumpet’s ominous sound.

You say that’s life, baby.
Make love and music
while you can.
Praise the rhythm of living.
Follow the wind
of your heart.
Happiness starts
when we leap, when we fall.
When we infuse our
bodies with sugar and
spark, squeaky hinges
and all.

-Tosha Michelle

The photo and cat are mine.

One Lovely Blog Award


I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Dustin, someone you should be following. Dustin’s blog is a wellspring of information on the ins and outs of writing fiction. In addition, Dustin is a lovely human being. You’ll find a link to his blog here.

On Plot.. –

And now for the OLBA

The rules for accepting the 2015 One Lovely Blog Award:

– Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
– Share 7 things about yourself.
– Nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know.

7 facts about me

1. Outwardly, I appear to be this petite, perky, soft spoken, girly girl who brings out the protective side of people. Inwardly, I am mother f****** Hercules and I will mess you up. 😉

2. I have a recurring dream about a serial killer. The really bizarre thing, the killer is a pig.

3. I’m totally obsessed with my cat. It should be noted, my cat is a diva. He has his own bedroom, will only drink bottled water, and refuses to listen to anything other than Beethoven

4. I can be very melancholy and anti social. I feel things deeply. This intensity can wear me out. When I become exhausted from the emotions, I shut down (just for a bit)

5. My fantasy man would have Jon Stewart’s humor, Chet Baker’s swagger, Mark Kingwell’s mind, Proust’s literary prowess, Blake Shelton’s height, Bill Clinton’s charm, minus the smarm, Sylvain Reynard’s mystique and Aaron Eckhart ‘s good looks.

6. I’m a One Direction fan. Don’t judge me. My taste in music runs the spectrum from eclectic and cool to mainstream and crappy.

7. I’m known for my ‘I Love Lucy ” moments. My shenanigans always lead to trouble, but I am told it keeps life interesting

My thanks again to Dustin

I nominate the following people for the One Lovely Blog Award

Todd Lowe because he’s Todd (duh)
Rachel (Finding Rachel) because she’s a badass
Christan Marc because he’s cute and I’m shallow like that. No, really he’s a wonderful writer
Jane Rothman because she’ll never let me forget it if I don’t. Plus, her photographs are stunning.
DS Levy because she’s my blogging soul sister
Jennifer B. -she’s the queen
Michael Rios – because he’s always so helpful and kind
Ranting Crow- because he’s a crow and he rants.
Niles – because he’s a gentleman and the sweetest.
Rob (The V-Pub)- because I like his humor.
Theresa D.- because I really need some of her lasagna and tiramisu
Casey Michael Smith – he’s an amazing poet and he looks really distinguished in his glasses
Heather Culford- I’m hoping she’ll buy me donuts
A Curious Mind – his love of humanity is inspiring
Wendy- because she classy and stylish.

Ode to My Cat.

The silliest of silliest..

Not Quite-The Cat in The Hat….

My cat can rock, My cat can roll.

He knows how to keep with the beat.

Dancing around in the streets.

My cat can recite Shakespeare with ease

You see, he’s fluent in  CATionese

My cat is king of all he surveys.

Mostly, he’s surveys his food bowl.

My cat  is an expert at snoozing.

Who knows.. perhaps,  he’s been boozing.

My cat is the greatest of muses.

Poets and writers he inspires.

My cat is cool…the coolest of the cool.

He’ll snort his nip. And not give a …sh…..amen

My cat is a saint and a sinner.

His whole world revolves around dinner.

My cat is a superior

Just look at his posterior.

My cat is the greatest.

And now it been stated.

My cat will never be overrated.


This nonsense brought to you by-Crazy Cats Ladies Everywhere and Yours Truly.

Happy Holidays!! May your turkeys and stockings be stuffed. The love and wine ever flowing. and may Santa find you being naughty and nice. xo