I Wish


I wish I could shield you,
from sorrows.
From the broken candy dish,
the alarm clock
that always rings too early,
the frayed ends
of a doormat,
Donald Trump’s hair,
the economy that
never truly recovers.

I would save you from
endless bills, the sink
that always leaks.
Depression that leads
to pill filled mornings.
The inglorious path
to old age.
The trumpet’s ominous sound.

You say that’s life, baby.
Make love and music
while you can.
Praise the rhythm of living.
Follow the wind
of your heart.
Happiness starts
when we leap, when we fall.
When we infuse our
bodies with sugar and
spark, squeaky hinges
and all.

-Tosha Michelle

The photo and cat are mine.


48 thoughts on “I Wish

  1. So sweet and beautiful! This reminds me of that beautiful song “If I Could” sung by a few different artists. It’s supposed to be a mother/father singing to a child about wanting to shield that person against the pain of the world. I always loved that song. And that’s an adorable kitty! ❀

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  2. Things we would do for our loved ones. Your first line said it all for me – to remove the pain that life often brings with its joy. Your cat is beautiful!

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  3. That last stanza was amazing. “You say that’s life, baby. Make love and music while you can.” You summed it up right there. People getting all worked up about life; they should learn to focus on the little things. I am a cat lover, so I appreciate the photo. Shame one jerk wants to ruin our creative endeavors. Great post.

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  4. What a lovely poem Tosha, sheltering the ones we love is so vital for our own peace of mind. I love your description of happiness, “squeaky hinges and all”, just marvelous! It speaks of a door that could have rusted and yet it can open, even if the hinges of the door are squeaky. Your last poems are both filled with nostalgia and tenderness, a mood that really befits your writing. Much love to you πŸ™‚

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  5. I read Donald Trump’s hair and now I’m going to have nightmares….
    I’m afraid that his hair will eat my hair and spawn a new toupee on my head………..😐

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