I Am 

I’m the woman who believes in thorns,
the beauty of fallen fruit,
and lavishing love on the lovable
and unlovable.

I’m generous, difficult, and incomplete.
I have spells of sullen iciness,
and moments of hot tea and clarity.

I’m the woman who can only be
of this world for moments at a time.
My soul affixed to solitude
and one darkness after another.

When the lights finally come back on,
I confess I like a warm arm around my waist
and a strong shoulder to rest my chaotic head.

I’m also partial to masculine fingers
that know how to coax my color back,
under silk sheets, with creative words,
and hands of purpose.

I’m often confused. Do I succumb
to the screeching crow
or pay homage to the nightingale?

I’m the woman who would go
anywhere to leave you,
but will beg you to come with me.
When we get there, I’ll fight with you
over the map and then kiss you
on the street.

I’m an expert at backbends.
I practice them every night
under memory’s disco light.

I hide an extra heart under my bed
in a packed suitcase of longing.

I’m the woman waiting for good enough
to be enough. Still, always wanting
more of much. Knowing life, like art,
is what we make it.

We all deserve something more than nothing.
I’m insignificant, and at times narcissistic.

I’m the broken woman.
cracked, bent. Damaged.

I’m the woman becoming whole,
becoming more me with each new break, with each new tear in my heart 

-Tosha Michelle

My cover of “Night Changes”

Listen to Night Changes by Tosha Michelle 2020 #np on #SoundCloud


Make You Better

But we’re not so starry-eyed anymore
Like the perfect paramour you were in your letters
And won’t it all just come around to make you
Let it all unbreak you to the day you met her
But it’d make you better
It’d make you better

All About Men -A New List 

 My darling friend Randy is a big fan of my silly lists so this is for her and all you men out there. I must confess these are my favorite kind and it’s about time I did a new one.

What Women Wished Men Knew

1. We don’t like mixed signals. Mixed drinks on the other hand

2. Don’t walk ahead of us. Walk with us and hold our hand. 

3. Chocolate and jewelry will get you out of a world of trouble

4. The kitchen counter, up against a wall, on your desk are great places to place knickknacks or if you can think of something better to do with the aforementioned, we’d be totally down for that

5. Sometimes we cry. Deal with it

6. If were having sex with you, odds are we care, so proceed cautiously when it comes to our feelings

7. When we talk, listen. Yes, with your ears and with your heart and mind

8. Sometimes being romantic just means being there and in the moment

9. Don’t be afraid of that universal, wonderful little four letter word… 


10. You are unique and special but Beyoncé sums ir up best. Don’t you ever get to thinking


It’s Only Life


It was weeks of those days
when my head was on fire.

My heart was enclosed by
high gate, overrun by bramble

And even the fabric of my dress
rubbed me the wrong way.

Every one of my fingers longed
for the same thing, a neck to
curl around.

My legs fragile beneath me
knelt in the grass

Clarity came when I lifted my
cloak of blue.

The petty things will mean
nothing when death claims
our last breath.

We’ll lie down in the green
with the ants.

And watch as they tirelessly
push the crumbs around

-Tosha Michelle

Selective or Picky?

In a totally different vein than my usual posts, let’s talk about the ideal partner.

Here’s my laundry list. I think I may be too picky. 😜

1. Tall. Height is my one superficial quirk. He can be bald and chunky just not short. Hypocritical, since I’m only 5’2
2. He must be loyal, intelligent, kind but not meek. Sense of humor is a must. I need someone who can make me laugh
3. Slightly nerdy but artsy
4. Must like my two daughters and my rock dtar cat.
5. Passionate about life and me.
6. Must love to travel and go out but also happy to just stay ar home and cuddle on the couch
7. Socially conscious. Awake and aware.
8. Liberal minded and urban
9. Affectionate and loving
10. Lastly, he must treat me like a princess 😜

Blank Canvas 

I’m removing you
from my life’s canvas.
The revision’s long overdue.
I’m tired of only speaking
to you through our eyes.
All I can feel now
is the strain.
I’m moving our sky back
until it is blank.
It was always
underpainted anyway.
I’m not sure how
to undo the hue of blue
that defines our shorelines.
Your kisses more addictive
than a half-off sale at Godiva.
I’m so tired of decadent chocolate
filled with empty calories
The promise of sweetness but
only tasting the bitter.
I’m ready to paint my life
in a soothing hue.
To find something solid
to hang my artwork on.
To find a fragrant of grace,
to rest in the background
of peace for a while.
I’m ready for lackadaisical afternoons,
the smell of magnolias,
a bed full of decadence,
sweet tea renderings.
You are no longer my concern.
You’re the novel
to be put away,
a one-off read
I read with half-closed eyes.
You are the car
I drove away.
The abrupt end of an utterance
to be forgotten.
If you were to ever ask me
to belong to you again
the answer would be no,
even if you came to me
with mint julep cocktail,
jazz notes, and honey.
You can’t repaint our canvass,
There’s no way to right it.
It no longer exist.

-Tosha Michelle