All To Well

On occasion if I asked
sweetly enough he
would sing to me in
a scale uniquely his own
Baritone and microtonal
And in those moments
I felt i had a part of him
that was solely my own
How he must have loved
being loved
But those cadences held
only fondness for me.
Now I’m trying to relearn
the intervals, to travel
without him among
the thirds and fifths
slowly as they diminish
but what I really want
is to hear those low
notes again.

-Tosha Michelle


12 thoughts on “All To Well

  1. I suppose your speaker must sing her own song now, in her own range. She must to go on. “All To Well” is probably one of my absolute favourite Taylor Swift songs, I’m not sure why, but I guess I feel it. I loved her Red album, her newest one isn’t as good.

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