Day by Day-Manganas Garden

A poem, lyrics and a wonderful tune. Happy Monday ❤️

“You used to hit and run
we put some records on
and let the music replace conversation
Unwise when you’re young
we are the sixteenth sons
of the lost and last generation
Oh we fight and run when you sing a song
About all we used to do until the break of dawn
Was born in the shade, (this will be our endless day.
On the top of the mountain, lead the way


“The Shorthand of Emotions”

“The only truth is music.”-Jack Kerouac

This post was inspired by a music survey I came across.  One of the question,  what five songs means the most to you?  Honestly, there are so many songs that hold special meaning for me, it’s hard to pick only a few.. However, I will try for the purpose of this blog post. I’d also love to know what songs you hold dear 

“Falling Slowly” from Once

Moods that take me and erase me / And I’m painted black / You have suffered enough /And warred with yourself / It’s time that you won

Somewhere Only We Know-Keane

Oh, simple thing, where have you gone?
I’m getting old, and I need something to rely on / So tell me when you’re gonna let me / I’m getting tired, and I need somewhere to begin

Leave Out All the Rest-Linkin Park

When my time comes / Forget the wrong that I’ve done / Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed / And don’t resent me
And when you’re feeling empty / Keep me in your memory / Leave out all the rest
Leave out all the rest

In My Life-The Beatles

There are places I’ll remember / All my life, though some have changed / Some forever, not for better / Some have gone and some remain / All these places have their moments / With lovers and friends I still can recall / Some are dead and some are living / In my life, I’ve loved them all

Reminiscing-Little River Band

Now as the years roll on, each time we hear our favorite song / The memories come along
Older times we’re missing, spending the hours reminiscing

Hurry, don’t be late / I can’t hardly wait
I said to myself when we’re old / We’ll go dancing in the dark, walking through the park / And reminiscing

Bomus Song. I can’t leave this one out
Don’t Look Back In Anger-Oasis

So I’ll start a revolution from my bed / Cause you said the brains I had went to my head / Step outside, summertime’s in bloom / Stand up beside the fireplace / Take that look from off your face / You ain’t ever gonna burn my heart out.

She Used To Be Mine

I love this song so much. See below. It’s so very relatable. I feel it to my core every time I listen to it. We all have times in our lives where we lose ourselves and feel a disconnect from the person we use to be.I’ve been there. It’s incredibly painful. Life can be so unpredictable and hard. Thankfully, it can be really beautiful too.

 “She Used To Be Mine” is from the Broadway musical Waitress which was adapted from the 2007 film, that starred Keri Russell. Both the film and the musical are excellent. The Youtube is from the 2016 Tony Awards and it will bring tears to your eyes. It’s just that powerful of a performance. 


It’s not simple to say
That most days I don’t recognize me
That these shoes and this apron
That place and its patrons
Have taken more than I gave them

It’s not easy to know
I’m not anything like I used be, although it’s true
I was never attention’s sweet center
I still remember that girl

She’s imperfect, but she tries
She is good, but she lies
She is hard on herself
She is broken and won’t ask for help
She is messy, but she’s kind

She is lonely most of the time
She is all of this mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie
She is gone, but she used to be mine

It’s not what I asked for
Sometimes life just slips in through a back door
And carves out a person and makes you believe it’s all true

And now I’ve got you
And you’re not what I asked for
If I’m honest, I know I would give it all back
For a chance to start over and rewrite an ending or two
For the girl that I knew
Who’ll be reckless, just enough
Who’ll get hurt, but who learns how to toughen up
When she’s bruised and gets used by a man who can’t love
And then she’ll get stuck

And be scared of the life that’s inside her
Growing stronger each day ‘til it finally reminds her
To fight just a little, to bring back the fire in her eyes
That’s been gone, but used to be mine
Used to be mine

She is messy, but she’s kind
She is lonely most of the time
She is all of this mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie
She is gone, but she used to be mine

Songwriters: Sara Bareilles

She Used to Be Mine lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
In honor of the girl I used to be, I have brought back my bangs or fringe as the British say. It was time for a change. A new hair beginning. Ha!