Day by Day-Manganas Garden

A poem, lyrics and a wonderful tune. Happy Monday ❤️

“You used to hit and run
we put some records on
and let the music replace conversation
Unwise when you’re young
we are the sixteenth sons
of the lost and last generation
Oh we fight and run when you sing a song
About all we used to do until the break of dawn
Was born in the shade, (this will be our endless day.
On the top of the mountain, lead the way


26 thoughts on “Day by Day-Manganas Garden

    1. I kind a look at it that the lasting kind of love is something that you have to fight for and it takes a lot of work. It’s not always pretty, you know the whole hearts and flowers thing, but it’s the type of love that will endure. That was my interpretation anyway. I hope you’re having a really lovely Monday. 💕

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      1. I understand. I think rather, that long-lasting love fleshes out the skeleton of mere short-term lust and attraction. But…you da artist…I’m just a pesky reviewer. The poem is very, very powerful—perhaps written by a poet with a strong bad experience about long-term love? Just asking.


      1. 🙂 I never really left. I’m not a social butterfly, I just tend to hide in plain sight. Every once in a while I step out into the light. Your blog kind of reminds me of his, the way he used to stack images. He & I had similar tastes in art I think, & music. Your blog is very uplifting. And thank you.


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