All About Men -A New List 

 My darling friend Randy is a big fan of my silly lists so this is for her and all you men out there. I must confess these are my favorite kind and it’s about time I did a new one.

What Women Wished Men Knew

1. We don’t like mixed signals. Mixed drinks on the other hand

2. Don’t walk ahead of us. Walk with us and hold our hand. 

3. Chocolate and jewelry will get you out of a world of trouble

4. The kitchen counter, up against a wall, on your desk are great places to place knickknacks or if you can think of something better to do with the aforementioned, we’d be totally down for that

5. Sometimes we cry. Deal with it

6. If were having sex with you, odds are we care, so proceed cautiously when it comes to our feelings

7. When we talk, listen. Yes, with your ears and with your heart and mind

8. Sometimes being romantic just means being there and in the moment

9. Don’t be afraid of that universal, wonderful little four letter word… 


10. You are unique and special but Beyoncé sums ir up best. Don’t you ever get to thinking



24 thoughts on “All About Men -A New List 

      1. Yes, thank you. I thought about doing something like that a while back. Thanks for the reminder, yours was on point. I’ll make sure to internalize them, especially coming from you!

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  1. You are so true to your word! And what a list it is: the best list of the best, this is! Wow, thank you so much. I know you speak for the sisterhood, such as myself, who appreciate it! Thank you so much for that! And mankind thanks you, as well… or, they should!!!

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