Selective or Picky?

In a totally different vein than my usual posts, let’s talk about the ideal partner.

Here’s my laundry list. I think I may be too picky. 😜

1. Tall. Height is my one superficial quirk. He can be bald and chunky just not short. Hypocritical, since I’m only 5’2
2. He must be loyal, intelligent, kind but not meek. Sense of humor is a must. I need someone who can make me laugh
3. Slightly nerdy but artsy
4. Must like my two daughters and my rock dtar cat.
5. Passionate about life and me.
6. Must love to travel and go out but also happy to just stay ar home and cuddle on the couch
7. Socially conscious. Awake and aware.
8. Liberal minded and urban
9. Affectionate and loving
10. Lastly, he must treat me like a princess 😜


22 thoughts on “Selective or Picky?

  1. I think it was Jeff Foxworthy who said women are so organized and so much smarter than men, they read and read tons of books on how men think but little do they realize that all men are thinking just two things “Gimme a beer” and “Show me something nekkid”

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