Old Love Letters 

Imagine discovering a box
of old love letters.
At first glance the language
is hard to decipher,
written in the secret code
of lovers.
A past you can barely
recall. The girl
you were long since gone.
You marvel at his
dotted Is and counterstrokes,
knowing now he had
something to hide, that he
left no clues.
But now you know to read the
movement, the pattern
of his hands. You’ll trace
the beauty and betrayal
of young love by
the placement of
the periods, the allusions
and faulty script.
The blueprint of  heartache
and blue  eyes.

-Tosha Michelle


64 thoughts on “Old Love Letters 

  1. Hi Tosha, that was beautiful. Sadly, handwritten love letters might be a thing of the past, though, like cursive writing. Strange to think it’s no longer taught!
    I do have some special letters I’ve saved over the years, maybe I’ll get them out and give them a read, since you’ve inspired me. Hope you are well. 🙂

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  2. Memories of old love in the way he wrote his love letters, and the memory of his eyes. Also, love this Adelr song. Although, I actually love the Jimmy Fallon version with classroom musical instruments better lol.

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  3. dear. i remember an old shorty story of a person who found by chance a pack of love letters on the sidewalker written by unknown somebody. i dont’remember how the story ends, anyway i wish sharing this to you.

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