No Turning Back.

The well-traveled river has been everywhere one could imagine. Discerning, dividing, cutting deep into rocks. It’s seen it all. Everything has been done and said where it comes from. Yet, it still longs to return to the sea. I dip my toes into its water. The tide pushing against me, the waves echo another time and place, and a long ago hurricane far enough away now that the river should have forgotten. Yet its heart is still filled with rhe memory of seaweed. The shore, not satisfied with the sway of the waves taunts the river. Flaunting its erosion in its face.

-Tosha Michelle 


47 thoughts on “No Turning Back.

  1. Hi Tosha, I really love this unusual piece of writing, it is beautiful. I love rivers and the sea, and live near several streams that run into a system of vleis and then out to the see not far from here. has a wonderful sound and flow, and draws one in with its depth, and just a hint of sadness, like a Schubert piano trio. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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