Leaving on a Jet Plane 

This covet goes out to my friend Randy. Lovely woman  You can find her blog here.


I would also like to thank my friend Danny for his keyboard work and harmonies on this song.

Hope you enjoy


53 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane 

  1. I love this. I have used this song in both versions as an anchor to a post. But your voice is better than the original and the Armageddon version. Your taking time, slight poises puts it over the top my friend:)

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      1. Sadly i am not as sweet as you though. You could put your pinky in Apple Cider Vinegar and turn it into Sweetened Iced Tea and add any flavor with a wish:)

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  2. Dearest Tosha and Dear Danny,
    Your song is so lovely, and I thank you so much for doing this (and the dedication). I’ve always loved this song, and it holds special meaning for me, as my Dad was a WWII pilot, and I would’ve loved to have been an air force pilot myself, but flat feet and female-gender precluded me from registration, etc. It is definitely a song for the “Special Songs” Soundcloud account. Thank you for this honor.

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      1. He would be smiling and waving his wingtip at you, honoring you with a fly-by salute. 9-11 coming on. Maybe a poem about my Dad and a salute, too. I’ll leave you with part of a poem he taught me as a girl; wish I could remember the rest:

        We have not wings
        We cannot fly
        But we have feet
        to scale and climb
        By slow degrees
        by more and more
        the cloudy summits
        of our time.
        – Author unknown
        ps – any help with the remainder, if anyone knows, would bring much gratitude and thanks

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  3. He was the most noble, kindest gentleman you’d ever want to know, and never said one bad thing about anybody. He looked quite like James Garner (but more handsome), or Bob Crane of Hogan’s Heroes (so the flight hat and WWII-era always remind me of him, when watching that show). I’ve previously tried a Google search, but it was some years ago… Perhaps another search will work. I’ll try!

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