That fall he carried his notepad everywhere.
And on those crisp evenings,
I felt him shape and merge
words with paper.
Above us an inky sky,
and I longed to be nothing
but the syntax and nuances
taking form in his mind.

I rest my head on his shoulder,
watching the swaying of his pen.
I become one with the shuddering lines,
that won’t be still.
They reach out and caress my heart.
Stalling my breath.
Touching me here and here.
For a moment, I’m what he shapes.
What he imagines.
I glimmer in edges of the dark lines,
until the words splinter from me

The lines, like the writer,
elusive as the stray wind.

-Tosha Michelle


48 thoughts on “Unsustainable

  1. Miles Davis is just phenomenal. And to think I chose today to do a big band post. I left out the saxes and trumpet players. He is a legend.

    I am in heaven. You just want to keep on listening.

    Love love. the read.

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      1. it’s VERY good. Especially since it comes from the heart…and 90% of my poetry is me talking to myself. So I think you are using it for its intended purpose.

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  2. I love this piece too like Eric and all of those who commented here. There is desire, passion and a sort of nostalgia kneaded with a strong resolution in it. All of it worked gradually into the picture that is offered to the reader. When something keeps staying as elusive as the stray Wind my personal advice would be let it blow away like the Wind it is. Indeed, you might discover – if you actually had it – that all it was actually was hot air πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks for your wisdom. You brought a huge grin to my face. Your last sentence was perfection. Sadly, I’ve always found hot air to be intoxicating. However, it can be quite stifling. Letting go seems to be the only healthy solution.

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      1. I know what you mean. I have an infallible technique against what is intoxicating in this field. Imagine yellow teeth with a huge piece of spinach in between. I’ve found that works miracles as detox. Otherwise, just imagine a balloon pricked and all the hot air coming out with a whining noise πŸ˜‰ . Surely letting go is the only solution. Keep well dearest Tosha :-*

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