Self doubt creates a slavish universe,
where we are constantly lugging our
insecurities in a backpack up a hill
that gets farther away the closer we get.
Along the way we keep looking
for disaster while trying to breathe.
Our catastrophic mind only perceiving danger,
creates a wedge between reality and self
where we only see the flaws and fractures.
Forgetting where we buried the bounty,
forgetting their is a bounty. We attempt to control
our bodies without mastering the spine.
Our souls become a membrane of
hopelessness, happy to reveal all we are not.
Our foolish spirits chose to adhere.
In our hand we hold a gun and a map of our head.
We journey on trying to find our way
with a broken flashlight, forgetting to
open our eyes, we cut our foot
on a shattered mirror. Briefly, we stand still,
and await clarity’s arrival. Satisfied. We turn and
head back towards self worth.
Finally, remembering, we hid the key
to the treasure chest
in perception’s drawer.

-Tosha Michelle


60 thoughts on “Demarcation

  1. Once again your talent and wisdom, amaze me. πŸ™‚
    So many lines hit home,”happy to reveal all we not.”
    The human mind capable of almost anything, often chooses the course it’s own destruction. Risks are part of life.
    Recollections of failure are a slow death.
    Many keys found in the depths of understanding. Thanks for sharing this. β™‘

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  2. Your perception seems to be rather good! I can particularly identify with the ending, I remember one time I was besotted with this girl, who happened to be a vegetarian, I was opening a can of corned beef, and thinking to myself, Ha,ha, she’ll never know! And right at that moment, I actually saw my finger move and cut itself on the tin! Well, of course, at this point I “knew” it to be true! ❀ XX

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  3. I think we can all relate to some form of self-doubt or another. I experience far too often. I love this: “Finally, remembering, we hid the key
    to the treasure chest
    in perception’s drawer.”

    It’s all amazing and profound, but I like the latter the most. Very nicely done!

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