Today I sat on a swing
and swung for hours.
I could do this forever.
Perhaps I’ll be a child,
cradle to grave.
Flying through the girlish shadows
of the magnolia trees.
Eternally in love with the beauty of life.
I am most myself when
I recall my innocence, the nectar of sweet fruit
You’re welcome to join.
Come swing with me.
We’ll sing a duet and watch
our melody fly high above the breeze
our lyrics floating into the evening,
marking the setting of the sun.
In the aftermath, we’ll sit moonlit, and heart swept.
There in the meadow with our spring minds
and a cotton candy glaze.
At peace we won’t begrudge
the extinction of the day.

-Tosha Michelle

My rendition of “Dream”


46 thoughts on “Dream

  1. Wonderful words and joyous sentiment. Happy thoughts: glider swings on the porch with glasses of lemonade; tire tree swings, jumping out into the lake; big Banana Splits slides and curly slides; pool slides!

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