Guess what? It’s not Sunday. I can’t stay away from you people. I think it’s safe to say I have an addictive personality. Fortunately for me, I’m not much of a drinker and I’ve never tried drugs. I suppose there’s worse things to be addicted to than blogging. Dr. Diva, I’m looking at you.

The following poem is a commentary on politics and politicians in general. I apologize for the bitter tone of the post. I’m just truly fed up with the current political climate.


Amplified darkness.
No music, just noise.
A voice of self, of selfishness.
The handiwork of greed.
This me-ness of rancid meat.
Broken into bitter bits, then
cut into sharper pieces.
No integrity as a whole.
Just hungry overgrown babies
crying and clawing, howling in
the wind, choking; on the last bit
of protein. Washing it down
with well water; trying to soothe
their unwell throats.
We the people become the soil
trying desperately to reabsorb
that which is lost.
Only there’s no pureness left
just toxicity. Acquainted only with squalor
and dehydration. Constricted, but still
we resist and hope for higher ground.

-Tosha Michelle


128 thoughts on “Politics

  1. Love the poem. It reflects my feelings about the current state of affairs too.


    I can’t say how happy I am that you couldn’t stay away from me. πŸ™‚ ❀

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      1. Part of me is right there with you. Another part suspects the whole system is rigged & the individual criminals elected don’t matter.

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  2. Tosha, I feel your pain, both as a writer and as a citizen. I have joked about wanting to leave, but the truth is I love my country. The current political climate is depressing at best. It seems that there is not a good answer with current choices and the tearing apart of flesh that occurs this time of year (and continues ad nauseam) just keeps me away from 99.9% of news sources. It’s repulsive.
    Re: WP Detox, I agree, there are worse things to which we can be addicted. I say embrace the connection and run with it. You are a wonderful writer and I always look forward to your posts (though I feel I’ve been missing more than I’ve been hitting, I need to filter through some of my follows…sadly).
    May Truth, Love & Light Prevail! Tiffany

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  3. The policies ever since the banking crisis have been sour, and a lot of the people have swallowed the bad medicine, especially when it doesn’t seem to effect themselves directly, its a horrible situation, you’re right of course to call for higher ground, I’m sure its do-able, things will turn around eventually, I just wish they’d hurry up! XX

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  4. First off, I love this song and The Cure. The E.A. Poe image is quite good, too.

    I am also fed up with the political climate. It’s not even about the issues anymore, not really. It’s about who can slam whom the hardest and loudest, with the most damage to their character. It’s very childish and I refuse to give them the dignity they desperately need to watching the debates. This is the most that I’ve talked about them, and it’s the most I ever will. Period.

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  5. Ha, you’re crackin’ me up, Tosha, about not being able to stay away from WP — totally, totally “get that.” πŸ™‚ Glad you’re back!

    What an apt–read: “perfect”–poem re: politics. My sentiments exactly!

    Wishing you a great weekend πŸ™‚

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  6. Hi Tosha, you shouldn’t apologies for the poem being a bit dark, it is great, and the very corrupt political set up deserves such a poem. Great to here this track again after all these years. I think our politics around the world the world are so bad, because we need a new philosophy and way of thinking of things, the ones that we are using at the moment are over 300 years old, and no longer fit the society we live in. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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  7. Damn thee all to hell. You aren’t a drinker and despite a hint in mention never thought you were a drug user at all. I too am addicted. I write some great ones and need just one but sometimes need to smooth it out as the day goes my friend:)

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    1. I hear you. I’ve never liked the taste of alcohol. I suppose I might could drink some water down fruity version but I’d rather just drink grape juice. I think being addicted to writing is a positive thing. Write on, my friend

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      1. I do have times I do write often but I have so many methods and reasons I try to be entertaining and I have three people that not only entertain me daily but I learn as I come back to being who I was as a kid first writing. I mentioned to your need a place to hide that I know you do and it seems very true. I will soon once I am able. I am scared a bit.

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      2. I try to be and reach someone at least a day. I had 4 posts and had 180 likes earlier without going through my list as I was busy the last two days. Afraid is me being me. I am confident but no I am not the straight laced writer with strong ties to any style. I do plan to just take a poetry and advanced computer class and get more in tune with both each summer semester. I have written without any training or writing in 28 years. LOL

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      1. I should be working both the Kentucky Derby and The Belmont and should be the lead at Belmont making The Belmont Jewel which is strong but sweet. It is Makers Mark and pomegranate and lemonade. Very smooth and a best seller. I had to make over 2000 last year

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  8. this pic is you…one of my influences banksy did this…your voice in this piece- and by virtue- of what you stand for- connects to me- symbolically with this- and your politics piece…

    & out of all of these banksy flower thrower images you can find- and i try to be a student of banksy….i have not seen this before…but-

    i love the wheelbarrow underneath- another ode to poetic simplicity in an area surrounded by upheaval- where politics reigns- but the voice of an artist rings true- and is a voice of reason- from a poet who has to be slightly crazy- to challenge and stand for what their lines pen- or colors splash…thanks for keeping the brass knuckles within reach…appreciate the taps of your keys- that they aren’t swing in mourning- but rising those sewn into the soil…

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