Hiding Place


Sometimes I just want the comfort of your name. To find a hiding place deep in the woods, next to the lake where the tree branches are strong enough to bend but not break under the weight of my despair.

Sometimes I just want the comfort of your shoulder; a place to lay my head,
where every gesture becomes symbolic, and the reservoir can actually see the forest and not just the pines.

Sometimes I just want you to love me, and to hear your naked soul articulate psalms of serenity in a fluent tongue of security. Fluidity in body and spirit.

Sometimes I want the impossible- blood out of stone, fire out of water, so I sit here alone. Drunk on undrinkable wine, and a deluded dream devoid of everyday truth. Just hoping every now and again light will prick my skin. And, that one day, the imagery fruit I yearn for will find its season.

-Tosha Michelle


57 thoughts on “Hiding Place

  1. Wow, I just want kiss you. ♡
    I’m going on a first date today, with lovely lady. An all day date. Like you she has a beautiful soul. This peom is truly fitting.
    The rain conserns me not. 🙂

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  2. Tosha, lovely as ever. Wonderful line, “Drunk on undrinkable wine”, you are braver than I am. See girl, you’re stepping up, even I wouldn’t drink wine that’s turned to vinegar. Wishing you a marvelous Sunday. ~ Mia

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  3. Sometimes we share the hiding place as last week it was mine but always room for more. A place hidden and not stirred. Strong but lenient. Held against wind but allows in the sunlight. All while a place to rest while having hair brushed lightly. 🙂

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  4. Beautiful image, it suits this poem perfectly. I can totally see your cabin in the woods, away from the rest of the world, a place where you and yours can make your own.:)

    Also, I never knew that you’re not only on Goodreads, but an active member. I befriended you. I hope to connect with you there!

    Have a splendid night!

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    1. Of course. Active might be a stretch though. I find I’m fairly inactive on all my social media accounts nowadays (aside from WP) I’m happy to add you though. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. xx


      1. I try to be active on social media, but that isn’t always possible. But it looked like you’re fairly active there.:) It was the first time I’d seen your books, too, which is always a pleasure. Thank you! The weekend’s been pretty good. Today’s my wife’s birthday, so we got together with family to celebrate. We had a good time! How are you?

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      2. Happy birthday to your wife! I’m well. Thank you. I do enjoy WP. I’ve lost my taste for other sites. I still post on Twitter daily. I can’t stand FB but I keep it to keep up with family and friends who live out of state

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  5. Hidden inner thoughts tosha?

    Sometimes there is no name,
    we have only
    ourselves to blame…

    Sometimes those shoulders
    can be abusively cold,
    leaving loving future…

    Sometimes there is no-one
    to love you,
    as your name is whispered in vain…

    sometimes miracles do happen
    as sand turns to gold,
    drunk on steamed milk
    now warming your heart
    centering soul….

    hugs & kisses chris

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    1. Ahh, that’s very sweet of you, thank you! I’m glad. I love the WordPress community! Oh, you’re also on Twitter? I like Facebook because I’ve made a lot of valuable friendships, and also to keep in touch with family. Why can’t you stand it?

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      1. I am @taraleigh2020 As for FB I’m not sure I just find the whole thing draining but I don’t begrudge anyone there right to enjoy it. I understand how it can be a wonderful way to stay connected.

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      2. Laughing. Not everyone uses social media in a constructive way. I find many unkind comments on facebook, so I prefer to avoid it. Noiw, here on WordPress you have found a positive community that is so supportive.

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