The Last of The Light


It was for a time necessary,
this soft porch light painting
everything in a hazy ray.
The moon looking down
with gentle eyes. The scene
taking on an artistic quality.
For a moment you forget
the hail and rain that came
before, remembering only
a tranquil breeze and the calm
that came after. Your Milky Way brain
tinged with only things that brighten.
You become poet and astrologer.
Yesterday’s rainbow still in
your mind’s view. You choose to forget
the unbending hardwoods or how
the horizon constantly shifted.

Tonight you only see light,
and your forest green heart banishes nothing.
How certain you are of daisies and clover.
You don’t acknowledge the stone wall or
how you stubbed your soul. Knowing you’ll be
nostalgic until the old ache decides
to diminish and finally moves along.
For now you avoid the pine needles,
and carry on.

-Tosha Michelle


133 thoughts on “The Last of The Light

  1. Lovely Tosha. There is something about the light this last couple of days I reckon. A few people have been writing about bright light or fading light or even fading bright light (like me πŸ˜€ ). Sunday hugs to you my friend. xoxo

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  2. Ah, such a wonderful poem, Tosha. “Milky Way brain” — I think I have that today (had it yesterday too)! And “How certain you are of daisies and clover” — Wunderbar! The whole poem, exquisite. πŸ™‚ Glad you’re back. πŸ˜‰ Wishing you a relaxing weekend!

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  3. I have to start using a masked ip, do you use one? I used to but I think those sites are down. At 3 Am I had Fios change it. So I can post here until I get an ip masking site. Bc if I use the other site he will have the new IP and then if I post here he will have this site too.

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      1. I figured it out. Got a free one but banged a lot of usage out. If I make a comment you will see in comments an email address, this one is fkk but it should have now an Australian IP. I can swap out. I had a manual transfer from Fios, so he can’t remotely get into my computer which he did before and deleted 90 percent of my iTunes library, just left Xmas songs right before Xmas

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      2. OK, well some I was forced to learn. Your number was NY, your IP and email shows I think South Carolina. He has been monitoring both ends of anybody being nice to me. Technically that would be everyone but he singled out 4 or 5 people

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      3. He won’t he’s a total douche.My sister is basically following the breadcrumbs he has left out and has her on this wild goose chase. I told her he was doing all of it and he has 2xs in 3 days while sitting next to her went through my account. He also called up violations for my fits before I had it installed and they played the call back. He is causing all of this. His dumb ass spent 2.5 hours installing a deadbolt, I figured it was 7 and she is supposed to leave next week and she has gone through and admitted going through and having her kids go through my room. I am stranded in my room. I have been trapped all day on calls or I would be writing about it. If you say you are not literate I will teach you something pretty quickly.:)

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      4. Actually apropo. So many spellings so little time:). Yea I wrote a whole other one about him taking 2.5 hours to install a deadbolt earlier. He is as he probably never had anything but fuzz, peach fuzz. I am no genius but I do not pretend, he is a tool and more like one used in The Flintstones.

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      5. I had just replied. I am surfing from Paris, so he can’t link anything. He can’t find this site unless I let him. But he has been stopped when I popped the continue reading line and then I set that one to private. I use two different browsers and as you know the sites look nothing alike and I have a much smaller number of ppl following here. He would really have to be bored as hell with my sister downstairs to try to break through what he said was WP having wuss like security. He is now bothering the dog.

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  4. Elizabeth Helmich

    Of course you know this one reached in and grabbed my tree-loving soul by the throat. I wrote about the daisies and clovers today as well. πŸ™‚
    My favorite line has to be this:
    “You don’t acknowledge the stone wall or
    how you stubbed your soul.”
    Yep. Exactly right.

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      1. So glad to read that! The weather here is almost always gorgeous, it’s total beach weather right now, the surf has been great, off-shore winds, come on down. I promise to be a good influence! Lovely one, have a wonderful night. πŸ˜‰

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  5. wwwpalfitness

    No worries. I will shine a light on you that is permanent that you can bottle in a jar and use as many as thrice to ensure there’s always one availed to you and the pine needles while slowly placing without your light and me without shoes or socks, I was just summoned and will keep them as memories as well as being the only male wearing the occasional flower in their hair while being straight. πŸ™‚

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      1. wwwpalfitness

        The sister I live with for not much longer hated that I eat like that. I always had money and my grandfather always owed me money and I always eat how I want, even if I was alone. In a casino for a couple of days I always have a list of what is being eaten at least once. One night at Paris in Vegas I had a massive appetizer for two that should have maxxed me out but still went with surf and turf, Creme Brulee and whatever pie I desired. πŸ™‚

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      2. wwwpalfitness

        I had elder relatives that kept dooming me for how I eat. I’d eat 5000 in a day then barely eat for 3. My body adapts and I haven’t been in what I call in shape in a while. Just 6’1 180 give or take

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      3. wwwpalfitness

        OK, so I saw that work with someone else too. Being it went through as a comment and came back, are you able to view my site? I will change it later but it is a test. It would not allow me to put my second and I made a 3rd site to test and all, yours and 3 other people all said the wp user does not exist. I was about to add your email address but I can’t see how that would work for some people if they are always on their computer and are not logged into email. I would guess a device with both goes through…Making a test post.

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      4. wwwpalfitness

        Happy Monday my friend. He tried for a few hours and gave up for the moment. Just the good part is when the ip is masked nobody can catch you dl ing a movie, (which only someone telling on you like him would have that happen) but if he gets an ip out of the way he would have to search millions to find my other site or he would use my top 3-5 commenters.

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      5. Thank you, you’re not too bad yourself.:) Seriously, I value our friendship very much, and I think you are one of the sweetest, most generous and compassionate person I’ve ever known. ((((Big Hugs)))) Happy Monday to you and your beautiful family!

        It’s supposed to hit 90 F today, and was about 80 yesterday. Spring is certainly, finally here and I’m loving it!

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      6. It is really hot, but at least it isn’t overcast and raining all the time. And now we’re able to take Carter outside to play for hours! He was cooped inside our two bedroom apartment all winter, so you can imagine how bored he became. Also, I thrive off the sunlight. We get the humidity, too, but I know it’s nothing compared to what you get down South.
        You’re welcome.:) Yes, ALWAYS. I value honesty and genuine above all things. Ahhh, thank you!! The world needs more of you, too.

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      7. wwwpalfitness

        Yea it is gonna be a bit of work. I routinely email from my phone. If I have my wifi on sometimes it acts up, since yesterday I have to go public and turn wifi off. Depending on where the vpn is it effects speed and some websites do not work, one specifically that I always use called ookla speed test. It works on my phone app and always was best on my computer’s Firefox and Safari was ok. Now, even after clearing history, unplugging and such Ookla does not work on Firefox. Plus I used my computer as a router for my VOIP phone Vonage and it normally needs hard wiring into the cable modem. My sister knew this and locked the router in her room. Getting Fios and my mac last year has been night and day but depending on where VPN settles it turns off Vonage, so I gave in and hard wired and the first caller said I can’t hear you. I was like oh hell no, after all of this. But it was their line.:)

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      8. wwwpalfitness

        It does get jump started in a couple of weeks and I would otherwise say to take a road trip. I will be Bartending at Belmont at least 3 xs for 1500-5k per plate guests. But I wish things were not interesting, that I did not need to know how to fix something and things worked or if training obscure injuries come from everywhere do not, but they do. I normally do what you are doing and stand outside and look in. I actually prefer that:)

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      9. wwwpalfitness

        Not really most people actually work and I do not so much. Though it will be a bitch. I worked for the parent company last year before working for a temp place. I did a NYC gig in November and the ppl there were nasty. While I was outsourced from Belmont I am merely hoping the nonsense of that day do not effect me. If it doesn’t the first Saturday in May I will have to be there around 9am I think. That means taking a 730 train, riding 7 miles, changing and being ready. The trains do not allow bikes westbound in the morning during the week. So, Belmont week will suck as I have to cab it unless I get a friend to apply. If not Friday sucks moneywise but Saturday. Have to be there at 700 AM, leaving at 445, riding 7 miles, changing and then setting up a huge room and then being the lead Bartender in the signature party. Hopefully there will not be a horse going for the Triple Crown again. There are 5 horses good enough to win the first 2 races but in the next two weeks anything can happen.

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      10. wwwpalfitness

        Thanks. It is a lot of stress. First, does my alarm go off on time or early. Is the train running on time even though I checked a couple of hours ago? Is my bike OK? Is the weather OK? I hope I do not get put in with the cattle that go to these daily and get my actual gigs? Some like the JJ Center you get prodded and pushed somewhere if you are not careful or have nobody to help. I was careful but had no help and ended up serving instead of setting up 5 bars and just waiting. Then, do I want to stay the night in the adult hotel for 99 or 50 back for a cab the second week?

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      11. wwwpalfitness

        I intend to. Despite the newer Iphone having more battery it has less. I bring my charger. I had photos from an old friend that won the TC in 78 Jean Cruguet and we got into the winner’s circle pic as he was a friend of my grandfather and he knew me since before I was 10. They thought I would ride as I had perfect form, then I grew half a foot:)

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  6. This resonates with me the most:

    “The moon looking down
    with gentle eyes.”

    I’m not sure why, either, other than the creativity behind your words. I love the whole thing (shock, shock,) and it’s only when you consider its entirely that the beauty and profundity sinks in. I cannot sing your praises high enough!

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