And then the Frost Came

The clouds drank in ravens
making the pines lucid.
His shadow fell beneath
the sky. If she listened
closely, she could hear
his melodic cadence
delivering soliloquies
adrift on the wind.

He as he was
She as she became
wake. Aware.
Taking color and form.
Both somewhere between
what was there.
What’s not there. (What
was never there)

Someone you think you 
remember and can’t
quite forget.
Lost mail belonging on someone
else’s kitchen table.

The parenthesis enclosed.
No comma, no pauses.
Time takes away. Gone
in an instant particles
of the past.

She stays.
(She can’t stay)

Tired from this slow
burning off of yesterday.
That which was lost (never was)
will not become again.

She always thinks she
see gleams of him,
The one she thought
she knew,
glimpsed and then gone.

The heart can only be
deceived for so long.
The stem decimated,
drowning in crushed rose petals.
No longer powerless
to the storm.

Wind that never really
blew for her.
Easier now to withstand
His presence merely less,
but no longer wholly more.

His shadow falling,
falling into dust.
The only sound she
hears in this moment is her
voice turning into
an early frost.

To every poem there is
a time and season.
Seasons that coagulate
into lost years,
time wasted.

In this one, she scourges
the past with lyrical ease
The breeze no longer
contradicting itself.

Her pen drops ink
of ice, no longer
pointing to the sky.
The view always distorted
anyway. The final chapter
written. She no longer
cares about heart revisions. 

-Tosha Michelle


25 thoughts on “And then the Frost Came

  1. Wonderfully written. Makes me think of this distortion you talk about how we heal from lost love painfully and that sometimes it doesn’t altogether heal or takes a great amount of time. And sometimes when we look back we have a tendency to change the story or only look at the Go is things and not remember what was so bad that it had to end. And as your speaker says she no longer cares if her memories are distorted just the same they are valuable memories to her.

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      1. It’s true. The best thing I read was sometimes you have to give yourself the apology you were never given by someone else. So sometimes I imagine these guys from past relationships or almost relationships apologizing and admitting that what they did was wrong and hurt me. It’s kind of like seeing things in the best way looking back and has allowed me to move on in situations where I once felt stuck or really hurt. Forgiveness can be yourself as much as it is for others. 💕

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes for sure it does. It helps you move on and not think it was your fault, kind of like realizing there was reason you and he don’t fit or didn’t. A way to let it go and move on 🙂

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