Here, There is Pixie Dust


Sometimes I am only interested in small things.

The chocolate bar, a hot bath.
The turned down corner of a book page, the beauty of the sky.

This is not unhappiness.
Yet, still I dress in layers
of sorrow.

I wrap a scarf around my heart like a tourniquet
to keep the darkness from bleeding out.

It’s winter inside of me,
but the frost has not yet taken over.
My soul still hints of blue birds,
jazz notes, Monet paintings.

My soul attuned to spring.
I hide it in the closet for later.

It’s always a balance regardless of the season.

There’s still daisies in need of planting, leaves in need of raking.

Tonight, restlessness breaks
like a coconut, open windowed,

Where is serenity?
For weeks its been walks, poetry and Miles Davis.

I grow stranger with each passing year,
more sensitive, more aware.

I long to flame the wind
with a strike of a match
only it knows.

I long to praise the weeds, the wildflowers.
Who’s to say which is which?

I’m still seeking glitter, the pull of a sliver boned moon,
the litter of pixie dust.

Now before Neverland becomes never.
Now before life is tossed downriver,
spinning in time’s current.

My restless heart, wait to be taken away,
beyond the window, to starlight things.

To design a language I can dance to,
to find kismet in avoiding the side steps and serenity in the fall.

-Tosha Michelle


108 thoughts on “Here, There is Pixie Dust

  1. I enjoyed this very much, in particular the sensation of seasons colliding together in one’s own awareness– the presence, the sadness that flickers, and the hopes that are pinned to what is yet to come. The way the soul is a container of beauty, stashed behind the darkened folds of our velvet-curtained heart.


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  2. We keep going forward. Bypassing the pangs of fear and past hurts, not because we are brave or strong, but because there is something inside that flames brighter than our darkest fears…hope.
    The hope that one day, someone will hold our heart in a way that it was meant to be held.
    Never lose that hope.

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  3. What a beautiful poem Tosha, I like it a lot when you go into introspection mode with your poetry, mulling over what was, what is and what could be. Your incisive look into it all coupled with your penchant for arranging like a perfect bouquet of wildflowers (precisely) all the beautiful soulful words makes your introspective poetry very engaging to others. Such poems truly penetrate the soul. Perhaps because we have many things in common it speaks to me a lot on many levels. Much love to you dear Tosha.

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  4. Gosh, this is brilliant and every line and image beautiful… one of my favorites (of all my favorites) is: My mind’s attuned to spring./I hide it in the closet for later…love it!

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  5. I hope you keep growing weirder each year, Tosha. And that your ability to discern Weeds from Wildflowers continues to be challenging. There are so many primroses out there who have been labeled dandelions. It’s up to use to untangle the confusion.
    All my best, Poetess. β™‘

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  6. Oh heck, Tosha, good poetry can’t keep me away from blogging — I’ve decided to visit a few sites (and I might even put something out soon; my few days of writing have been pretty good, productive). You have the most interesting imagery here — all sprinkled with the magic of pixie dust! Poetry, Chat Baker and Cheerios — doesn’t get much better than that! πŸ™‚

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  7. Wow, each line within each sonnet lovingly builds upon the next, with the utmost precision. There’s not a single word out of place or unneeded. I love them all. However, the following truly speaks to me and resonates:

    It’s winter inside of me,
    but the frost has not yet taken over.
    My soul still hints of blue birds,
    jazz notes, Monet paintings.

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    1. Thanks. Got any advice on getting rid of a creepy stalker? I know you have experience with this. I may have to you calling some of my friends at the police department. Really can’t stand boys and men who try to intimidate women. Anyway, I hope you’re well and happy

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      1. Well if I look you up I get different options. I’ve seen Tara Leigh and some other names. You have a few things online. I’m getting set to work. But you do have a few names out there. I did see some last names as well if I ever wanted to skip scrolling and put in Tosha michelle. Sometimes options come up and sometimes they don’t.

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      2. Yes feel free to fill me in. Is it a wp stalker or otherwise? I can check their info and cross reference it. I’ll also bite them back if needed if they are hiding

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