Upon Stealing a Kitkat

You’ve taught me how far
I can go toward myself.
No need to run from who
I am.

That’s how it is with us.
Windblown fragments,
two are we.

We live in a shareable place
our little patch of green.
where I’d rather hear you
than all.

We converse fluently in
a language only we understand.
Your charm never lies in the
way wedding songs and
love sometimes do.

In my head you’ve cut a groove,
leaving your initials there
Absolute. Right. Permanent.
They tell a story even when
my mind shifts and happenstance
grabs the pen.

The darkest ink is not dark enough
to eradicate the thought of you.

Our kinship, a sonnet to pathless
woods, always ready to explore.
We reach for a state of grace,
Knowing life can only get worse, but
better too.

Tosha Michelle


47 thoughts on “Upon Stealing a Kitkat

  1. Dear Tosha, Canadian Kitkats are made with real chocolate. I have not had tasted American Kitkats but I have heard they don’t have the same taste. Perhaps I can send you a portion of Canadian Kitkats. However, if I do that would I so hastely ask for a Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar. I HAVE NEVER HAD ONE EVER… Either that or you can send me pears. I like pears very much as well. By the way, in a way to end this comment section in a sweet way. I would say this as my FINAL THOUGHT: if you lived among thorns in a farmers field you would be a rosebud in full bloom.

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      1. See I didn’t know that either I always thought and they were just part of a movie scheme but then the movie 1970s the candy looks so real and still after some research I found out it was real but it wasn’t available in Canada because they stop shipment. We just truly heartbreaking for a nine year old the truly has fallen in love with this movie. So to say the least I have never tasted a Willy Wonka chocolate bar and it has been my bitch ever since finding out that this chocolate was real to have one.

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      2. Reason taste different isn’t because it’s made in Britain. It’s still made in Canada. But the reason to taste different is because it’s made by different company the Canadian two cats are made by Nestle the American cats are made by Hershey. However you’re a genius because Nestle Toll House is founded in England

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      3. Aside from pears I’m craving cookie dough ice cream from Dairy Queen send me some in the mail please my birthday is in a few weeks just joking you don’t have to send me some I mean it is my birthday but I’m not that special.

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