I call him eccentric
He thinks it’s a reprimand
He doesn’t realize
His exquisite eccentricities
reveal his unique inner form.
like Gould last recording of
the Goldberg Varations

His illuminated soul
seemingly always in motion.
I read religiously his light.
Text etched with acid.
but cut with gentle sweetness
The light only growing brighter.
He coaxes me out of my
shadow box.

I could take refuge in his uniqueness
The magic of his mind, linger there
in the smudge of the stars.
Let him read the face of my spirit,
my wildest wishes, the lure
of eccentric things
Framed by endless strings of grace.
A concerto of serenity. defined
composition, melodic hope.

-Tosha Michelle


43 thoughts on “Variations

  1. Hey Tosha!

    Great to see something new from you.I really like this poem. I have one thought: I would consider changing “eccentricities” to “peculiarities” in the fourth line. I think it’s a stronger word and it helps avoid using eccentricity or some variation so close together. You have me curious, though, who this man is that has captured your heart?

    I am working on upgrading my blog. I started adding media to the posts. Please check out and

    I also want to feature guest bloggers, and am interested in having you put together whatever you think might be informative about your writing habits, a short bio, and a favorite poem you’ve written. When you get some free time, please send me an email so we can open up a dialog about the idea.

    Keep on writing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for your suggestion. Much appreciated. I haven’t had too much time for creative writing lately. Just been super busy with graduate school and what not. This poem was inspired by a really lovely man I’m growing quite fond of. It’s really too soon to say anymore than that. I hope you’re well. It’s always really nice to hear from him. I’ll see what I can do in regards to the guest blog. Hopefully, I’ll have some downtime soon.


  2. Wow, Tosha! That’s beautiful.
    You just get better & better 💖.
    Where do you find all the perfect words, & time them to sing. I may never understand, I will always learn, & be the better for it.
    “Linger there” that’s the stuff of dreams coming true.💙💙

    Liked by 2 people

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