Alphabet Soup

Come sit with me where
the world is all warm breeze
and blue birds calling.
We’ll forget the bramble
and the cry of the wild wolf.
Let spring go on and on.
The universe can register
a complaint with someone who cares.
You and I will follow the gumdrop trail,
edged with lace. We’ll disappear
into breakfast at midnight and some delectable sin.
We’ll tango to the radio. Let the fire tag along.
Put on a show for the moon
until everything becomes now,
everything becomes still and we’ll watch
as the night opens for us as lightly
as our ABC’s with not one verb of regret.

-Tosha Michelle


24 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup

  1. Tosha,
    It’s so nice to see you in my email. I enjoy your work. This is a lovely piece. I really like “not one verb of regret.” I’d love your feedback to two of my most recent poems. Check out The Roof at: and also my first attempt to try other formats, I wrote an alliterative poem called Failure Through Folly, which you can find at:


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