Brand New 

You who carry sunshine in
your hair, the sky in your hands,
and blueberry pie in your eyes

You who knows all the words
to every Chet Baker song.

Why don’t you come by my record shop?
I’ll teach you the percussive du wop

Come unearth my city plot.
Right my upside down heart
with the lilt of your melodic

Stain my soul with your graceful fingers.

Sing me your red velvet tune
with not one note of sorrow

Scrawl on my tongue
your heart song.
I’ll sing along.

Make music to a woman
not quite young, but not yet old.
My mind a score of hunger.
Patterns of passion across
my face.

Don’t be afraid to improvise
summer nights composed of
bodies and sway.
Wingtip and rosehip.
We’ll create our
own tune.

The tenor sax takes the lead.
It sounds like desire,
like it won’t ever stop.

Let’s crack the night with needle and groove.
Let the blues run off with D minor.
As two lovers infuses the dark with rhythm and spark.

-Tosha Michelle


41 thoughts on “Brand New 

  1. A little bit of style, a little bit of spice, a whole lot of passion, add a side of that T.M. homemade flavor, and voila! Mementos du jour.

    You know Tosha, in another life you must have been a surgeon, really. Your precision with words reminds me of that. It’s that logical side of yours!

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  2. Tosha,

    Truly beautiful. It literally sings to me as I read it. I really love the last three lines. Hey, have you read my poem “I Mourn?” Here’s the link:
    I also have something newer I’d love your feedback on. It’s called “Colors Other Than Gray” and can be found at Keep writing girl. Great stuff.

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  3. What’s up buttercup? Shades of blue to the shrew…IDK where I was going, LOL. Well out here for the moment it is always drinking time, Valentine.If if it doesn’t rhyme…It seems to seem I am not a vette for this set and need the East for I just say it…drops mic and walks awkwardly away…

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