Excuse me, do you have a
spare self lying around?
Could I rest under your shadow,
take off this skin of nostalgia
weighing me down like Southern heat.
Perhaps I could write myself
out of this malaise,
become Sylvain Reynard
writing romance and adventure,
the latest best-seller.
But I can’t.
Look how the mosquitoes taunt me,
just waiting to draw blood,
to feast on my despair,
the dark twisting through me.
No room in my heart even for air.
I sell my golden locks for any kind of buttons,
to unclasp my soul from its self-imposed cage.
I’m tired of living inside who I use to be.

-Tosha Michelle


39 thoughts on “Same 

  1. women to man
    man to woman
    is a cancer
    to some
    dancing in square circle
    a circle of one
    but that being said
    and within
    and now to your
    eyes from my head
    i say cool
    and wish
    you peace and love
    in the times to come!

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