October In View

I could live for the sky today.
so bright and vast
Spread a blanket on the ground
Open a basket of hope

Feast on the taste of an illuminated
world, green fields
with no fences, the sun rising
over the meadow.

Devour the middle of the white
chocolate colored clouds
No one to take note of me

Serenity in the stillness
My skin alive with the melody
of the breeze slow
dancing with the golden leaves.

I sway along with the stray wind
My face dusted by
sunlight. My worries dissolving
into sweet pitch of
a heavenly October day.

-Tosha Michelle


61 thoughts on “October In View

  1. I really love how your writings hit me deep inside! You are a fantastic writer!
    If you don’t mind, the blog you followed that was under my name was a friends blog that I was working on that inadvertently came up when you followed me. My blog, which should come up now, may be more of what interests you! Thank you for following!

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