I must write to make sense
of emotions eclipsed,
sometimes before they begin.
I must write to find congruence
with those brief flashes of reality
that my heart likes
to distort in an effort
to help me live a life
that sometimes fails.
But it’s always infused with a
dysfunctional shot
of sugar and optimism.
I do my best to honor the upsurge,
but wallow in the gutter of melancholy
from poem to poem,
memory a friend and foe to
living, is cleansed through the
written word. The language
clotted by how I chose to
abandon or fashion the
hour of my regret or reprieve.

-Tosha Michelle 


29 thoughts on “Reasoning 

  1. Loved your poem. Hope you are faring better on the shaping front and your world is made more of hope and optimism than regret and grief.
    You made me think of a past time, long ago, when poetry was a means to live a better life sometimes in my heart and head. Nowadays for me poetry is a medium between two worlds one fading and one shaping. Be well!

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