Willfully Wild

If you’re going to love,

love wilfully and wildly,

like a leaf on the wind

soaring out,

with abandon.

Burn yourself through

for passion.

Make an altar of greater than.

Praise longing and

its insanity

Love bold men,

the ones like red umbrellas

with strong wooden

handles, and a fancy inscription,

big and deep, that makes you

feel like the daintiest

of ladies out for an

afternoon stroll,

his sheltering arms

keeping out the misty rain.

Let every idea you have

be love.

Study him like

you would the curve

of the horizon.

Follow your instinct,

lose the pattern.

Go where he goes.

Don’t let the sun disappear.

Let it swell

and put him first,

draw him closer,

until he believes in you

and the sky trembles

when you touch.



into his eyes, his thighs,

the pulse of his being.

Fall into ripeness, rightness,

until time is stripped away,

and your soul is cast in

forethought. Forethought

brushed in red and heat.

Never to be an afterthought.

If you’re going love, love

willfully and wildly until

you are spent, until the stars

shatter over the white tips

of pillowcase as two lovers

fall out of God’s mouth into


-Tosha Michelle


76 thoughts on “Willfully Wild

    1. Thank you, i’m so annoyed. WordPress is working my last nerve. I can’t seem to format the poems right since they tinkered with things. Anyway, hope you’re having a good week


      1. I’ve always had a problem formatting poems. I write them in my emails and then cut and paste them directly onto the admin page where you can write drafts. As long as the formatting doesn’t need updating after that, I’m usually pretty successful. If it does, I sometimes have to delete the whole thing and redo it.

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      2. Thanks. Sorry to hear you have issues too. When I’m on my laptop I always use the formatting option instead of visual. However, a lot of times I type things out on my cell. It never used to be a problem that they’ve changed the app. I wish they would just leave things alone


  1. Being the country girl I am, I’m sitting trying to Catch a breeze while reading it is so hot in North Carolina right now. But your beauty poem is like a cool breeze well done my friend

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      1. You’re a country girl too? I can’t wait till fall this heat is so draining. I am counting down till the day the heat goes away lol

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  2. I love this. Loving “willfully” and “wildly” and with “passion.”
    The end is my fav : “fall out of Gods mouth, into rapture.” I don’t know what the “fall out if God’s mouth means but I like the rapture at the end. Passionate and sexy poem πŸ™‚

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  3. This is an epic, an epic ode to passion. I loved every line. This is why your work always gets a long thread of comments and mine generally gets crickets and tumbleweeds. This was a great one to wake up to this morning.

    I also agree about the formatting issues on WP, they drive me crazy too.

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  4. hmmmm, yes (note spell check does not like this word!), great piece, as Jim Morrison hollered out “I’m going to love you until the stars fall from the skies for you and I.” With the pumping and soaring organ an guitar behind his voice. This is a gem of a poem, perhaps you should have put the Doors song as the end piece. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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      1. It is a great song. I love the music of that time ( when i was a teenager) and study it. I played in bands back then, when music was a way of life rather than a product, as it has been for so long. I am getting interested in this music again, as the youngsters are going back to a less capitalistic form of really exiting music, which I love.

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      2. Yes, I also listen to a lot of jazz, and classical music, especially 20th and 21st century music. Often listen to Indian ragas, Chinese music, African music folk music, but have never really gotten into country western though.

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  5. i like the “waterfall tumbling” sense of praise and longing rolling throughout this poem.

    one small point – the full stop after “then” – is that a mistake?

    “Make an altar of greater than.

    Praise longing and…”


  6. This is a very beautiful poem … you are now on the list of my most beloved poets … πŸ˜‰ and I heard also your (extremely sweet) voice on soundcloud… it sounds full of tenderness, compassion, but there is also the premonition and attraction of a hidden depth… innocent naked and devote angels are dancing through the dark night of the soul, singing songs of orgiastic purity and heatbreaking gentleness in the praise of mystery of existence …they celebrate the infinite bliss and joy of love … now you have a new friend and fan in germany.



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