He Is 

He’s that something to lean

on that doesn’t give away

under the weight of my fears.

He receives my light and

returns it.

He unlocks my secrets and hides

the key.

Into his ears he listens as I speak

my demons in an inexhaustible


For once I’m not afraid of the wind

breaking my flowerpots.

He pulls my hands away from

my eyes and encourages me

to look at the beauty of the sky.

He takes my hand and we follow

the blue bird into the woods.

My soul lights up with every

sways of the tree branches.

I breathe in the golden air.

Knowing it will linger on

even if there is a change in

the atmosphere.

Let the wind announce rain.

Let it stick to my hair, muddy

my feet.

I’ll just slip closer to his light,

closer to his arms, back to

dreams where the world opens

endlessly for me.

Tosha Michelle


54 thoughts on “He Is 

  1. Hello,

    i felt a love, coming
    from a gravatar
    a bright speck of light
    newborn loving star
    crazier than it seem
    women made of dreams
    written between
    the silence of every word
    to fall in love
    with an unknown gravatar.

    hugs chris

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      1. Tosha darling,

        did you understand my long winded comment,

        it would be a dream?

        Nonetheless, would never happen?

        For some silly reason, i trust you, yet we don’t know each other…

        i will look forward to our comments made in-between the lines..

        hugs chris

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thsi has turned into one of my instant favorites.

    He unlocks my secrets and hides the key. <—-Love this line and so many others.

    If I were to go blind, I would keep my blog active, just so my wife could open your notifications and read my your amazing work.

    Love you and every post. Be well.

    Liked by 1 person

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