When I get tired.
I sometimes wonder
what’s this poetry
thing all about?

What am I writing for?
During these times
I’m usually stuck
in a creative muck,
I still don’t dare
call it a rut.

There’s no food
in the picnic basket
so I eat drudgery instead.
My mouth full of lost time.

I’m so hungry for words
that have run off
with my silk dresses.
I dream of nouns, adjectives,
and verbs, sinking
in a sea of syntax.

I try to dive in
but get stuck in the sand.
I sit along the shore
I wait. As seagulls fly
from under my bed,
my silk dresses hanging
from up above.
I reach for them
while I still can.

-Tosha Michelle 


92 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I feel you on this, such treachery by words to leave us by the roadside. And mentally routines are great until they reach an apex, at least thats how I feel on the topic.
    And despite the tiredness you still busted out a pretty bad ass poem ☺ Mouth full of time struck me.

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  2. I’m so hungry for words
    that have run off
    with my silk dresses.

    I love this one. I’ve been mad at WP, but reading this has made me so grateful I gave it another chance today. Thank you, Tosha. I’m always in a better mood after reading your words.

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    1. I’m glad. I feel your with WP burnt out at the moment. However, there’s so many lovely people here, you included. Grateful to have met you. I hope you will keep posting. Your poetry needs to be read

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      1. Thank you, Tosha. I agree with all of this. I’m happy that WP was the introduction, but it will never be the end of friendship.

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  3. Such a lovely word picture. I think we stretch for the words and wonder and sigh, but in the end, in the right place, we find them. I hope you find them soon btw the beach and your silk dresses, such lovely words themselves.

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      1. Hanging in. Trying to finish writing about my children…it’s difficult….knowing they are out of my life forever. Oh, well.
        BTW. I nominated you for an award. I don’t know if you are award free or not…but I did it anyway. I’ll probably post it today.

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      2. Oh, thank you. I don’t usually participate. However for you I will. Really appreciate you. Don’t give up on your children. Things do change. Don’t lose hope. Sending nothing but love your way


      3. Thank you! I have already given up on them. I think after almost two years for one of them and over a year for the other one….if they were even remotely concerned about me….I would have heard something. It’s okay. That relationship had become as toxic as the relationship with their daddy. Thanks for the love.

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  4. Tosha, you are and always will be my favorite. I am planning a five week vacation at the end of the year (warm and sunny beaches for Christmas to do some writing). TRUST ME. I will save all of your notifications.

    Your writing is inspiring.

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