For David and Jen and Tony and Jersey girl 

Tonight I feel more alone than the moon

overthrown by the clouds.

I take solace in the rain, the sway of the trees

being shaken out like a well loved blanket by the wind.

I know you are out there under the horizon. We’re on the same Earth.

The moon plays peekaboo with you too.
I understand how time zones float like helium balloons across the globe.

But the sky and this poem know how much I want you here.

I want to look at you

and mark how time changes you,

as it changes us.

I want to love you up close.
It’s true as you say, distance doesn’t define love, we do.

We always find each other. I look up at the sky,

just in time to see the moon sneak through the clouds.

It whispers to me in sibilance.
For a moment you come closer. Comforted by the knowledge of you,

I speak to you in trees and air.

The gray eyes of the night translates my love diction,

as the Milky Way pours itself over two lovers

swept up on a star yet to be named.
-Tosha Michelle


52 thoughts on “Collide 

  1. Beautiful write full of extraordinary images. “We’re on the same Earth.” resonated with me. I remember a time when Allie and I were living apart and we used to whisper similar messages into the phone.

    Great verse.

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  2. The hidden moon really sets the foundation of this piece, great description.
    And I like the drifting feel I got as I read, when the planet seemed to shrink and everyone might see the same object in the sky to link them together even if they can’t be.

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  3. Love the poem, pining; pining away, with such clear rhythms and sounds I wander if he knows how lucky he is to be serenaded with such a wonderful poem. love Pink Floyd, and had several of there Lp’s including this wonderful track. Best wishes and blessings, and a big smile for you! 🙂

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  4. When I was 13 I met a girl in school and fell in love. Family trouble took her away to Georgia. She left so quickly, we only had a moment to say goodbye. I went on with my life but I always looked at the full moon and wondered if she saw it, too. It would be 32 years before I layed eyes on her again and I loved her just as much then as I did in 1979. Your poem brought back wonderful memories. Tinged with sadness, of course.

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  5. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I had to type in caps because my god – rarely do I encounter poetry that gives me heart fuzzies but this one did and from poet to poet I want to high five you so hard your hand tingles with creativity and love and connection that you never cease to write like this 🙂 Your work makes me happy
    “The moon plays peekaboo with you too” – I cannot begin. I am so glad you exist and glad that you write 🙂 *Heart eyes* xxx

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