Butterfly on A Wheel


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A broken dream
Haunting in your sleep
And hiding in your smile
A secret you must keep
Love cuts you deep

Love breaks the wings of a butterfly
On a wheel
Love breaks the wings of a butterfly
On a wheel


-Butterfly on A Wheel by The Mission

Ramblings and a cover by me for the bearded wonder- Alex








27 thoughts on “Butterfly on A Wheel

  1. There are a lot of beautiful people out there. And you make people more beautiful too. What a lovely message and I loved your rendition. I can’t judge how hard a song is to sing (sorry about that haha) but I do know that is is always a pleasure to hear you. And you have far more talent than you will ever realise.

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      1. Stay tuned to my blog because tonight I will be writing a Blog about how I’m able to be Abel. The title is catchy but to some people it may not make sense right away until they read the blog post. Until then all the best to you have a great day.

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  2. Good post. When I saw the opening photo, I thought you were going to include a link to scenes from the film from which the photo was taken (THE THIRD MAN, starring Orson Welles), or a recording of the film’s theme song….so, please pardon me for taking the liberty of doing so here:

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