Wisps of Him


She carried his image like a cherish photograph- a handsome man dressed in a soft, faded sweater, blue jeans, and loafers, standing on the beach in a seaside town on the last day of November. The sky hinting at something brighter. There was hope but no chance. The sun mournfully hid behind the clouds. The seductive and perilous waves tried to shake the image.

The image would not fade. It was the eve of the other life she would never live. In the years to follow, she would return, her heart trying to translate what was never meant to be. Her singular salvation of faded dreams and a man she loved well once, lost to the seasonal tides of life and the fatal missteps of fate out of time.

-Tosha Michelle


80 thoughts on “Wisps of Him

  1. I believe you have many true loves that are slightly offset by time and circumstance. I do love the melancholy of your lyrical spirit.

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  2. The sun mournfully hid behind the clouds.
    Soon I would understand why.
    That’s the tear jerking Tosha, we’ve all come to know and love.
    Often life is like a day at school, somedays are hard, and unfair. Yet, we learn, we feel, and we return to love again.

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  3. so powerful and very moving, Tosha! Heart ache and longing are some of our strongest wellsprings, as writers. You share this experience beautifully. ❀ lots of love, Poetess!

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  4. You really place the reader there with you. I can see and feel it. And we wonder of past loves, do they make those same journeys across time and space. Do they also remember…?

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