Between the Covers


I want to go deep into the book of your soul. Show me truth even if the pages resists. Tell me your heart so I can understand your part. I don’t want to wade through a flimsy plot. I want a character-driven tale with meaningful dialogue. One I can read tenderly; one that makes me think. I want to feel your words resonating inside of me, to take them to a deep place, a place that honors the connection flowing  between us, where a whole orchard of new chapters can grow.

-Tosha Michelle

Listen to Use Somebody Kings Of Leon Cover (Take 2) by Tosha Michelle 2020 #np on #SoundCloud


80 thoughts on “Between the Covers

  1. I just dropped by to flirt, do you have a skirt? Well, anyways, I didn´t even read what you posted or heard you in the audio, so “you can hear my words resonating inside of you” 😉
    Love ya!

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      1. Not cool, not coooool. Well I can´t help it, i´´m a gangster or was it gaster….forgot, in Charly world is going great, probaby going to prison next month so would you like to give me a pie with bread? 😉
        But still love ya, by the way I did not flirt, I did say if you remember the comment that you poetry and also the voice with the piano it is truly a piece of art, I might say stupid things in the time, but in truth, you are truly tanlented, told you that before and im quite certain i´m not the only one and that talent if you truly pursuit it, you will get wherever you want to get

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      2. I´ll tr but for me that is not important to tell yo the truth, what I m focus is this the writing so, can you tell me what you really think about my”poetry”, good, bad, in the middle, whatever is your judgment, I haven t gone to school for this so it would be nice if someone (in this case you) would say something about it,
        (jail…. na, forget that sailing boat, already been there so no worries, although it would srew up the writing that is actually what makes me mad, now I dont put this )
        Now really could you make an assesment of my writing? Bad or Bad I would like to hear someone tell me

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  2. Hey Tosha, now seriously, I´m listening to your song, very good to say the least, you do have a great voice and you even play the piano? You don´t know where I live and in what type of circles I live, so to know I can be in the internet and read all kinds of great people and now listening to this, quite something, just listening as I´m typing, beautiful, you got a fan here…. although it should be the other way, you should, actually you must be my fan.
    Trully, great song, I did really like it.
    Staay Frosty gentes.

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    Je viens chez toi comme par magie
    J’adore venir voir les nouveautés sur ton blog
    A mon tour
    Je vais essayer de faire rêver
    Dans ce rêve
    Tu y trouveras ma douceur
    Tu y trouveras du bonheur
    Tu te trouveras dans mon petit monde
    De la joie et du partage
    Même si ce n’est qu’un petit rêve

    Il y aura quelques instants sur ton visage un sourire
    Qui te permettra de réchauffer une partie de ton cœur
    Gros bisous , Bernard

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  4. I loved the song it was beautifully done, as to the novel, that will come after i retire and have more time, i have actually written a first copy of the novel, but have not got the time to get it ready for publication. Hope you can find a novel as deep and beautiful as you, and read it in the silent hours, and awaken all those great creative juices. What a powerful piece, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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  5. So deeply and profoundly affected by your words, Tosha. This is surely anyone’s ideal relationship. Well, it certainly is mine. Forget the money and the wine – the real richness and intoxication of life is in the heart. You make this sound so very simple, but it takes someone with real depth and understanding of human nature to be able to make it seem so simple.

    Still intimidated by all your friends, but I’m putting myself in your front yard the same, Tosha. 🙂

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