The Self


The self always strikes
dissonant chords,
the world of her mind
never quite at peace.
More often, the self walks
along imagination’s street.
Here she is free from
monotony and fear.

The self wants? What?
A freezing shot of clarity?
The pulse and throb
of a sexy life?
The bruised scent of strawberries?
Piano keys and satin sheets,
a world free from hate?
The sweet salt of a lover’s skin?

The self never can seem
to get it right.
She offers herself to pen and paper.
Writing her rebellious truths.
She travels along on words
in moonlight visions,
casting a poetic sheen.
Plunging toward that place
you aren’t allowed to dive,
but the self does anyway.
Here she comes alive.
Here there’s no bottom.
No end. Here the self can
tell you anything.
Watch the self
spilt herself open.
times three.

-Tosha Michelle

“Everything that drowns me, makes me wanna fly”


132 thoughts on “The Self

      1. Tosha, you don’t need my approval! But I’ll recommend your works to anyone! Words, songs, podcasts & sass!


      2. Tosha, you’re acting like you’re not wildly talented! it’s easy to be supportive when I enjoy all facets of your work!

        (Now, if you were illiterate and trying to push a novel, then it would be difficult to keep being a cheerleader.)

        (Speaking of cheerleaders – I think I could pull off a really good curtsey in one of those skirts! 😉)

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      3. If I could play the bagpipes, or at least get my hands on a set, I’d be playing them on every post! (seriously, that goes for any musical instrument)

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      4. I’d love to see Rachel do a cheer!!! Ha ha ha! Maybe we’ll have to get all of us together for joint post! Carisa is on your side, trying to get me to shake my tush in a skirt. What is going on around here?!

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      5. Yes, ma’am! You’ve had more than adequate chances to take this back! Don’t say that you weren’t forewarned!

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      6. Ha ha ha! I’m quite domestic, you know! But I won’t be trying to impress anyone with my sewing skills. The seams would rip & be real awkward mid-curtsey!


      7. That depends on how much you want me emasculated. If you’d kindly call it a kilt, I’d be able to retain a little dignity! 😉💚

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  1. Ha! You see. All caught up. What great writing. This one will go down as one of your best sine it is so relatable. An introspective write. The self seeks clarity, often clouding herself in the process. Amazing words Tosha. I bow to thee.

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  2. My Self leads to write as well as you and all the drunken poets all over the World. The poet exhales a smell of conflict, and an agony-like ecstasy for this conflict. Jung perfectly understoofd the poets: Shadow only can be overwhelmed and shut off by the Self if this absorbes that one.

    Poetry prevents our shadows to rip us in two, Mates in one.

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  3. To Thine Own Self Be True. Sir William S.
    Somedays I feel more apt to fly. Lol
    I ♡ this, Your honest soul seeking methods, always make me rethink, my own on mind’s intentions.
    Well, someday I will fly like the dust in the wind.


  4. By the time I made it down here, I’ve completely lost my reply. What great distractions up there! Tosha, this is excellent, and so many of us can relate. The way you express yourself always opens up new windows in my mind.
    The self wants all of these things, and sometimes, just sometimes, she gets it right. 🙂


  5. Bonjour TOSHA la plume et le papier est là pour écrire ses ressenties belle poésie
    L’amitié est un sentiment fort
    Il est beau de la découvrir
    Sur ton blog je peux lire tes poèmes , tes créations
    Les messages de tes amis (ies)
    C’est une appréciation forte
    On peux y trouver toutes sortes d’amis Français ou étrangers
    Quelle partage
    Sur nos blogs on vit un monde de paix
    Ce serait si beau que sur terre règne la paix règne

    Passe une belle journée , prends soin de toi
    Bernard , bises

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