Life in x’s and o”s


On those rare occasions when the
stars in the sky fail not to disappoint
And even the earth is winded from
the sky’s beauty.

Stop. Just for a moment
and let the night light absorb you.

Our lives are painted as simply and as
haphazardly as a pre schooler turnned loose
with their first art kit. Leaving a trail of x’s
and o’s behind us in the grass until the
entire lawn shifts.

Tonight, for a second, let’s tear away
the leaves from a trees and dance
with the branches to the song of
a whippoorwill

In the morning, the sun
will pull us forward.

-Tosha Michelle


49 thoughts on “Life in x’s and o”s

  1. This is beautiful, Tosha!

    And this: “turnned loose” If there was ever any doubt that you are a southerner…..lemme tell ya….my heart translates that phrase just fine.

    ❀ love and light, Darlin.

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  2. Tosha, wonderful poem. You’ve managed to simplify what life should be so beautifully. Why do we make it so complicated? Amazing line, “let the night light absorb you” a stunning image. Please have a peaceful evening. ~ Mia ❀

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  3. Beautiful.
    It’s truly a slight to get drawn-out into the night life, of frogs & coyotes. The curtain of clouds fall to reveal the vastness in OOO the X’s.


  4. Oh yes, it’s all good. Just catching up on some late reading. Thanks for asking. πŸ™‚
    I had been doing a little star gazing before enjoying your lovely poem.

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