Here I Go Again

Hello lovely ones. Every now and again, I like to plug a friend. OK, that sounds weird, or maybe I just made it weird. Anyway, my friend Alex has a wonderful blog, you really need to be following. Alex is a true gentleman and just a really sweet and caring soul. He’s also single. Ladies take note.
His number is….

OK, I’ll let him give his digits away.

But I digress. Don’t I always?

If you’re into TV, music, travel, photography, and kind hearted Brits who like to play twenty questions and discuss everything from ice cream to art then Alex is your guy and his blog is for you.

Follow him!!


29 thoughts on “Here I Go Again

      1. I know. I love England. I accidentally on purpose missed my plane ride home one summer and ended up staying an extra two weeks in London. If you ever want to live there again, let me know. We can be flatmates. I’m sure our families wouldn’t mind. Ha-ha.

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  1. There once was a girl called Tosha Michelle
    Who recently I’ve got to know pretty well
    She’s smart, funny, caring and kind
    With a trusting soul and creative mind
    And the sweetest accent of any southern belle.

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