Cold Heart


Our love was a dark continent
we shared, violent and untamed.

It was unholy and seductive and left
destruction in its wake.

We were wind and fire.
Hot beginnings and painted
roads that led to secret gardens.

How quickly heaven was lost to us
when the sky destroyed the night
and the night decimated the sky.

When the lightening struck
we weren’t surprised when
the tree limbs splintered.

Knowing the branches couldn’t save us.

The storm burning away what
was left of the twisted roots
but never the wildness of our hearts.

The moon and I still yearn
for the chaos. Stealing our
breath and taking out sanity away.

God, how I wanted the pain,
the pleasure to abide,
but you can’t control the weather

Now the aftereffect remains.
and the wind goes on.

Closing all the windows as the
chill sets in. The cold comes
and you live with it.

-Tosha Michelle


70 thoughts on “Cold Heart

    1. As a woman, for me I’m always led by my heart first. Note, my heart can be a deceiving little b****
      I do understand what you’re saying though. Desire is a powerful thing. Coupled with emotions. It can become a tidal wave.

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  1. It was unholy and seductive and left
    destruction in its wake.


    This is breathtaking, Tosha. I can definitely feel the emotions you want to come across….it’s heartbreaking and very very real.

    brava, Poetess. ❀

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    1. Eric, thank you. This is definitely not a healthy state of love. I think we all yearn for passion tempered with just a smidge of insanity and a whole lot of serenity. However, it’s fun to write about a dysfunctional crazy love. Life without passion is a stale life as it art.

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  2. I feel this whole thing. I might know a thing or two about twisted roots, and wild hearts that yearn for chaos. Yes, and no. But sometimes. Yes. Oh God. You are amazing, this is perfect.

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