Beyond The Bunny Trail


Today I hide out in the linen closet,
as I feel the white picket fence
closing in around me.

I ghost-dance on the pins and needles
agitating my brain.

I count years in the darkness.
I lie alone in the nest I made.

The hunted one still
haunts my body.

For a moment my organs swim
with him in our ocean
of options wrong.

I recall reaching out once,
only to be stung by the air.

How many times have I
rightfully swallowed my
spirit-restless view?

Thinking my destiny belongs
to the lamplight: soft shapes
and gentle hues.

Here there’s no one to decode
my heart’s message, and judgement
tastes like a martyr on Easter morning.

But what I really want is delicious
Cadbury Caramel Eggs. Silk sheets.
Sex and lace.

What would happen if I tore
the linen closet’s door down,
demolished the fence, ripped my
good girl persona away like a
bandaid from an old wound?

Would my modest soul soar
in the wind, or would I find
the wind had long since moved on?

Is this a poem about the wind?
Is this a story about weather?

I give a little nod to the sun,
a slight curtsy to the trees,
and think to myself, “maybe
it’s enough to make like
Peter Cottontail and keep
hopping on”.

And with that final conclusion,
I feel his presence behind me.
He gently kisses my neck
and blows delicately in my
ear, whispering things only
meant for me to hear.

I smile to myself and think,
perhaps, my sweet, lovely
man boy IS the poem.

He takes my hand, turns me around,
and taps my nose, “Silly woman,
I’ve been trying to tell you all along,
you just couldn’t hear me over
your monotonous pen dripping
sedated ink and the tiring syntax
of the wind and weather”.

-Tosha Michelle

Yours truly singing my favorite song EVER!

Listen to Falling Slowly by Tosha Michelle 2020 #np on #SoundCloud

242 thoughts on “Beyond The Bunny Trail

  1. Reblogged this on Iconography ♠ Incomplete and commented:
    This poem talks about a selfish person; actually, a selfish lover who instead of encouraging creativity puts you down and also calls out your sex “inferior” thus well is a bad lover or love in general. Tosha skillfully creates an ambience both astringent and filled with warm yet vivid images. It’s hard to explain the brilliance of the ambience as it is both cold and chilly then all warm and supple; like a crescendo or temp of tactile beats (found some words). Enjoy readers 🙂


  2. This is so sweet Tosha. I am listening to your voice while writing, and it is giving me the chills. You nailed this song, I’m sure Glen would be proud. Your little bunny is pretty smart. I like his candor. I promise to bring some Cadbury eggs at next visit….:)


      1. PS – I feel like I’ve been stalking you since I finally figured out how to download La Literati’s podcast. The Fitzgerald one is my favorite.

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      2. The mere thought of it gives me anxiety! Like you said in one episode, I can’t speak as well as I write. The idea does excite me. I’ll will have to summon the courage before taking you up on that offer. My pulse is raised just typing about it.

        My greatest fear would be disappointing you. I don’t know if I can keep up with you & Niles!

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      3. The best part of this is I now have your voice in my head to read out your words. “Are you kidding me?” I believe that was part of the list of phrases you always use! 😉

        But seriously, I’m excited & flattered. I will take you up on this offer. I don’t know when, but I will. Pinky promise.

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      1. Yes, I guess so, there are so many great songs out there that it must quite difficult to compose an original melody, though people have not always been that worried about that, Lead Zeppelin often used other people melodies and dressed them up. they are being sued at the moment for using somebody else melody for stairway to heaven i don’t think it is a problem, so long as you accredit the original composer. Though I think it is great to create your own melodies. There are quite a number of singers, who only sing others music, so one could do a disc of favorites by others.

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      2. It could be, that like with writing, the more you do it the more the melodies pop out more and more, I think there is nothing wrong with producing a disc of some original songs, and some covers of others work.

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  3. Down the rabbit hole. A subtle intro without fully being one. A lovely rhetoric where you are trapped in a dream you can’t erase, mace or get out of the place. You are locked in a swirl, because you are bounded. I am not though I should be. You are not and YOU will SEE. Yes the stories and answers you have to answer and the calls and la di da. I put it away as a letter on my drawer. I do not have some things as easy as you but tightening up your heart for questions and being prodded is as interesting and worse in some ways.


  4. I love the reference to sedated ink and tiring syntax. I believe that our own writing has a way of deluding our selves into a place where we are most familiar. A break away from our writing always seems to produce a fresh take, new insight, or enticing passions otherwised missed. Great poem!

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      1. My leg still hurts, but i´ll be o.k, actually going to my second suicide mission with this monster this weekend, spend a day or two with her.
        So you really don´t wake up with make up? We got to fix this things

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      2. No. Sorry to disappoint. Sleeping in makeup is terrible for your skin though. I’m a bit anal when it comes to taking care of my skin. Good luck with Killer. Make sure you have doggie treats and full body armor.


      3. Well you got that right about a lovely soul, a bit of a mischief thought, but good person.
        And I do appreciate the comment about that you like my poetry, (if you can call that poetry).
        But I did know you liked me sense of humour, if not you wouldn´t respond to my dumb comments, well not dumb, just….. craaaaaaaazy! 😉
        Love ya,
        by the way now that i did smoke some good thing, can I ask you if you study or you work?

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      4. That is good you can work from home, hold on, did you say writing for non- profit? And you also sing, plus you look like “lady gaga”, actually you are better looking and more talented if you ask me

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      5. Aww. You’re very kind. Trust me , I have my difficult moments. I’d like to lie and say I’m always sunshine and roses. However, I can be a huge pain in the keister Haha


      6. I’ll take it under advisement my friend. For now. I have to go brave the outdoors and run some errands. You take care of yourself and don’t let the demon dog get the best of you.


      7. I’m not sure. I’ll put you on my backup guy list. Note, right now you’re a strong 253. If you learn to talk with a British accent and say we ridiculous things like bless your socks and fanks, I’ll move you up to 24.


      8. Well, I´ll tell you something then, first don´t call me kid, just call me kitty cat, second my landlady she really looks like Shakira, not kidding, and this morning well you can guess what happened, the thing I don´t fully understand is why it happens to me

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      9. OK, kitty cat. Don’t question it. Just enjoy it. Clearly, she’s attracted to you and vice versa. Speaking as someone who rarely gets to live in the moment, cherish every second and live it the hell up.


      10. yooooooo! I could also say “how ya honney bonney” or just say
        “who you doing mrincess” you are my southern belle, so you are my girl, if you do like to wrestle with cow all that much better

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      11. O really!! Now you are a “bitch”, you said it earlier so no you are out of my sight, you bad, bad bad bad….. 😉 still love ya
        By the way is not very normal or good if a guy actually calls you that, are you mad now, tell me aaaaaaaaaare you mad?!!!!

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      12. I will tell you what to do!! First of all why in the world would I tell you what to do? You are a person ( unless you come from Júpiter, Mars is o.k) and second since you are a person, quite hot actually (did I say that out loud….) you are talking with me because of something that I´m saying, you know I´m a good person, period, although not perfect, let me ask you this, what is your favourite movie and song?

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      13. I do like the Beatles, the movie I just looked it up, so a romantic musical drama( what it said in Wikipedia), that does sound kind of what you would like, and I don´t know you from nobody, i do know you from your writing, so the movie actually does fit with your writing or influence the way you write and sing,
        How about me, my favourite movie is Notting Hill and music is Em the M, or eminiem

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      14. Now you come with me with that….after i research this quote! what counts is the delivery….. and how do you know he is dead? So here is news, he is not dead, he lives in my heart and brain….++++—–+++ 😉 ha, love ya

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    Je viens tout en douceur
    Avec mon petit sourire
    Et ma bonne humeur
    Te souhaiter tout ce qu’il peux y avoir de meilleur dans ce monde
    Passe une belle soirée
    Une très belle fin semaine surtout avec du soleil
    Je te fais un très grand signe d’amitié
    Pleins de bisous pour embellir cette amitié qui règne entre nous depuis xxx temps

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes. You did good. I’m home now and in bed. Getting ready to read. Thanks for the laugh. Nice to know you’re good for something. See ya in Sleepytown. I’ll be the one throwing tomatoes at your head.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am Southern. Ever seen Fried Green Tomato’s. I don’t even like tomatoes by the way. I know how shocking right. What do I like? Oh, strawberries. Why would I waste them? Strawberries are for eating not for throwing.

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  6. Tosha,

    I’m so glad you posted this song. It’s my first time hearing you sing. You have a beautiful voice. I really liked Beyond the Bunny Trail. I’m particularly fond of “you just couldn’t hear me over
    your monotonous pen dripping sedated ink and the tiring syntax of the wind and weather.”

    Liked by 1 person

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