Leeches and vultures
and time I can’t swallow.
Eyes on the tulips
under ice.
My heart in need of air.

Interior dialogue
Some voice I can’t decipher
endless fears,
needless worry,
and a place to contemplate rest.

-Tosha Michelle


68 thoughts on “Reprieve

  1. Am I going to be the only one that doesn’t get it?! Perhaps I am so hopped up on chocolate and the good life that I am immune to sorrow. God grant that I remain this way. I love that you present us with such a beautiful multimedia sensation, Tosha – is the song linked to the poem linked to the photograph?

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    1. I truly hope you stay this way. I’m bone tired and a bit soured on people. However, love keeps me going forward. Yes, there’s a distinct tie between the photo, poem and song. It’s all open for interpretation though. I hope you’re having a lovely day.

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      1. Thanks for the good hopes Tosha – I wish this for you and all of us too. Just remember that life is mainly ebbs and flows and that after the one comes the other.
        Sending you some of my chocolate vibes from England.
        πŸ™‚ Robert.

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  2. The visuals here are amazing, I can see it so clearly, Tosha:

    “Leeches and vultures
    and time I can’t swallow.
    Eyes on the tulips
    under ice.”

    It’s all really visual, but the opening stanza is killer. The poem, as a whole, feels very dark and despairing. I love it!!

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  3. amazing, beautiful, and ‘zakaas’ – ( zakaas means awsome – it is a hindi word)
    I really like your poem. You are carving nicely thoughts in your poem. really thanks for sharing with us such a beautiful artwork.

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  4. The tulips really are under ice where I live. Except that there aren’t any tulips right now, because it’s minus a billion degrees out. Well not really, but it’s cold.

    Minor exaggerations aside, this is another great poem. You’ve described feelings we’ve all dealt with at some time or another.

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