No Gem Here


Knowing that I’m less than a diamond,
no emerald or pearl, only mere glass.
I’m not afraid of being common,
or choking on insecurity’s bone.

I carry no bitterness in my veins.
Just a faulty valve of naivety.
My blood pulses with compassion.
The flow of humanity.
Brokenness, the barbedwire
fence I like to call my soul.

I trip over needle and thread
trying to sow a stronger spine.
I back tack kindness to my sleeve
and watch as my heart slips to the floor.

Hope perches on my breastbone.
I listen to it’s tune, wanting to soar.
It drowns out the murmurs
of negativity and doubt.
Finally unencumbered,
I sing along, the words repeat
“go on” “go on” “go on”.

-Tosha Michelle


85 thoughts on “No Gem Here

      1. I think I would want to live around Charlotte as well – beautiful city! Just a little too touristy further south for me, but nice for vacationing. Hilton Head has gotten so crowded, though… it’s so popular, it’s almost ruining it!

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  1. Wow! As glass we are always transparent and people get what they see. And that line about tripping over needle and thread while sewing a stronger spine is just out of this world. You are a seamstress with words and this was stitched perfectly!!!

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