Another One?


I know this poem.
It’s another one about you.
In this one you’re the moon,
moving away from the earth.
The nights getting darker.
The poet seemingly losing
herself to longing.
But maybe this is just a
rough draft.
Perhaps in the revision
you’re not the moon,
but the sun she
orbits around and
you take her hand.
Moving closer to her gravity.
Entranced by her softness
and charming ways.
And I feel like I’ve lived
this poem and I know
this man. Alone in bed
I savor evey word.
And for a moment
I get lost in a fantasy
where I believe in the
I’m holding in my lap
and, in the man, the
poem’s about
His head resting
on my knee.
I memorize every verse.

-Tosha Michelle

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59 thoughts on “Another One?

  1. :-)… A poem about poem.
    How initiative you are.
    I like to think that many poems start with the deepest feeling of the heart, even at the risk of their own expense, for a chance at happiness.
    Well done, to allow dreams to take flight, hope & joy are of their own design.β™‘

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  2. Lovely one, this is such a pretty idea, a rough draft of the past, superb write. That’s the beautiful thing, we can write the story over and over, but fuck, every time I get close to the end of my story some other hand takes over and writes the ending for me and it ain’t no unicorns or heart shaped clouds! Wonderful as always, you definitely make my mind twirl, thank you πŸ˜‰ ~ Mia ❀

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