The man I kissed on the train
was a Michelin star chef from Ireland.
We talked scallops on the way to Paris
and fell asleep in each other’s arms.
Was this scene partly real or dreamed?
After I lost my car in the parking lot,
I invented a serial killer
to give the story just the
right amount of suspense
Believe me. even James Purefoy belonged in that
bar fight at Whiskey River, but
I still can’t decide if he should
speak with a British or American accent.
And when exactly should he notices me
and my long legs, because I’m 5’7 in this tale.
But sometimes I’m stuck in the world of what is
helpless to the sufficient things.
5’2 and looking at the magnolia tree in my backyard.
It’s beautiful at dusk, all tact and fact in a serene spot.
What could be better?
What could be worst?
I sigh as I sip my tea.
I can’t muster up the inclination to make it bend or sway.

-Tosha Michelle


71 thoughts on “Plotting

      1. Never watched it but I remember that actress doing that accent. was kinda terrible. I have to admit I smile whenever I see James Purefoy…I remember seeing him first as the Black Prince in A knights tale. He just kinda grew on me. πŸ™‚

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  1. I can very well see that pretty head of yours concoct such happenings πŸ˜€
    Then again you might be happy just with the magnolia in the backyard and the wonderful aroma of the tea
    When I was a child I used to tell some friends I was a princess from a far away land above the stars and had been kidnapped by the people pretending to be my family. I actually was persuaded it was the truth πŸ˜€

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  2. You and I have the same passion for James Purfoy. I loved this, and the way your imagination sparks images in my head. πŸ˜‰

    Love & hugs,

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  3. What could be better?
    Than the imagination once shared in childhood. Free as the wind.
    To exit reality, at the first sign of bordom.
    If ya need to sway a tree. Call upon Mireya.
    She always blowing in & out of town… πŸ˜‰

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  4. Get this: No snarkiness!!
    I loved that! Very dreamlike and fractured in a fantastic way!
    How horrible that I can’t find anything snarky.
    So…stick up yer nose!

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  5. Very cute Tosha. I especially liked, “I still can’t decide if he should
    speak with a British or American accent.” So funny. You know, in my tale, I would make myself have a body like Eva Mendes. Hahaha. Or at least a body with no celulite. Haha.
    Hope you are well. I was away for a week. Very little internet. So glad to be back.

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