Dark Room


I wish I could chart my feelings
like and equation, but I was
never any good at math.
I’m a star pupil in self doubt.
My inner little demon stomps
all over my heart in her red boots.
My spirt has been left
to air out in the sun.
I find comfort between a rock
and stone, developing a self
portrait of a soul still unknown
who survives on parlor tricks,
and a floating photo frame.
Patterns of wants and desires
on pale face illuminated in the
ghost light of lost years.
I’m trying so hard to negate a negative space,
posing in black and white. Finding color
in the multiplicity of things. I transcribe
the image maker script into what I meant to say.

-Tosha Michelle


50 thoughts on “Dark Room

  1. Love this! We had many similarities so I really find it hard to believe you were no good at maths as it was one of my favourite subjects. From beginning to end this poem is a roller coaster of emotions 🙂
    I queue up behind James waiting for when you negate the negative space 😀

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  2. “I’m trying so hard to negate a negative space,
    posing in black and white. Finding color
    in the multiplicity of things.”

    Fantastic lines! It reminds me of Pleasantville, which is a visually amazing movie. So full circle, your poem is also visually amazing, wonderful. Laughing, oh god, I didn’t know I was such a movie buff Bob. Great music video! ~ Mia 🙂

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    1. Enjoying the movie references. You’re reminding me of films I haven’t thought of in ages, really good films. I’m holding out for a Ted reference though. Ha! Thanks as always for your kindness. Hope you have a lovely day.

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  3. Oh WP your such a twot for not letting my like the words I got.
    A great piece. Days like that are barstewards. It makes the better days all the more special.
    I know! It’s fiction! You are a sunny delight who never feels darkness sinking through your skin. You do convey it well, though.
    Ya buffoon. X

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