These Are The Days

Dedicated to my children.


My daughters’ laughter
fills me like a bell.
It’s the most joyous sound.
They share stories with
me over tea. It seethes
in our merriment.
My cup overflows with their
happiness. The days of
Goodnight Moon and Dora
The Explorer long since
past. I’m thankful for
what was, happy for what
is. Pleased by
the young women they
are slowly, not so slowly
growing into. I pray to
the God of teenagers and
driver’s licenses and hair
products. Since it seems
what we are made of is their
images, dark hair, blue eyes.
Blessed is she who gets
to kiss those beautiful
sweet heads. Sitting
with them in the kitchen
after a wrecked day. Thank
you for their laughter and
this unearned sweetness.
To the God of two beautiful

I say, Amen.

-Tosha Michelle


91 thoughts on “These Are The Days

  1. What a beautiful ode to your daughters and what they mean to you. They are truly blessed to have you as their mother for you are one special lady. Have a beautiful Sunday, dear friend. :)xo


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  2. I don’t have children but I have three beautiful God Daughters who are the lights of my life. This is such a beautiful dedication to your children.

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  3. I have two sons and two stepdaughters and a stepson and this ship has sailed already, but I remember those feelings very well. Now we’re going through it with grandchildren , so there’s almost always a little one around which is the best. What a lovely poem and song. We are truly blessed!

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  4. Amen…
    Children & young adults.
    The wind in our sails.
    Sometimes, to send us tacking.
    Against the headwinds, to reach the destination of seeking the very best we can be.
    Lovely words, for beautiful young ladies.

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    1. Thank you. It’s crazy how quickly they grow up. They are both taller than me now and very much into their own lives. I’m lucky though because they still want to hang out with me. I love them so much. I hope they always feel that way


  5. Very nicely done. It is odd as I have been reading you for a while you never suggested any children. I know you talk of your place. So, I was always feeling you were just Super woman, now it is added to as you are Super Mom…

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      1. There’s nothing odd about you except perhaps your voice and you remind me of a singer a while back. I understand. I paint a direct picture and sometimes it is subliminal. It is nice to let a little of it out. Especially if someone found it a helpful post. I like that the most.:)

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      2. She sung under the name Michelle Michele I believe and only had a couple of singles and no video. When I looked her up prior I could not find her. She had an amazing singing voice and when interviewed her voice did not seem capable of belting out that kind of power. I may be wrong on the name as she was harassed by someone famous at the time and paid off to be quiet.

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  6. This is a new side of you for me to see & I love it.

    The future is coming & I’m trying to ignore it. I just want them to stay little girls & keep inviting me to tea parties. I don’t want to let go!!!

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      1. Well no matter how big they get, I’m betting they will always need their daddy. Some days I think I’d love to have another child and then I think way.. It’s kind of nice having free time. I love being a mom and it defined me for the longest time. I stayed at home with my girls during their formative years. I don’t regret it, but now there’s room for other things. Anyway, I’m very private when it comes to my family but you know you can message me anytime for advice or a pep talk.

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      2. Thank you. I sincerely appreciate that.

        I love the chaos, don’t get me wrong. It’s kinda why I wanted a larger family than I knew. Part of me looks forward to having time to myself in the future, but then I feel selfish. I proceed directly to go cuddle my girls. They get annoyed, but that will never stop me.

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  7. Thank heavens for little girls. God bless your beautiful daughters. I can definitely see where they get their beauty from. I loved this write. Filled me with nostalgic joy thinking of my “Daddy’s little girl.” Thank you for that.

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