Only One


She only wants to bare her body
to one man, only one to know her bones,
the sighs of her mouth, of her heart,
the naked parts of her soul.

Only one man to strip down her voice,
to breathe back her breath,
only one to know the wilderness of her desire,
to know only one man calls out to her in his dreams,
speaking her name as if it were pagan as if
it were a psalm.

She wants uncompromising totality, the near impossible breath
from water, fire, bare, possession unclothed, belonging to one man,
his being inside of her, the only one she wants
to want. His bones. Her bones. Belonging.

She wants one man, only one, to undress his soul for her only.
Knowing that it won’t always be easy
some nights his heart might ache
for the touch of new bones, the unknown breath,
the unclothed breath of someone less difficult,
but she will honor that ache and sooth it with her sweetness,
breath after loving breath, speaking to her one man,
her only.

-Tosha Michelle

Photo courtesy of lostkat


94 thoughts on “Only One

  1. In my mind, I have always loved your Little Poem that wanted to be a Rock Anthem. Never have forgotten it. But this is extraordinary. This piece can be used as a litmus test for men. Any man not inspired by this heroine’s words – well, he’s busy taking his duck lip femnine selfies to upload to Facebook. Every man wants his mate to think & feel this way. There are so many lines I connect with. I could actually copy the entire post. But these – “but she will honor that ache and sooth it with her sweetness, breath after loving breath,” left me breatless. To be honest, I am a little sad, because it is only February, and I already read the best piece of the year. It’s all down hill from here. I applaud you. Please forward me your hat size, I need to order that crown. (Oh, and I notice you always wear lipstick in your profile. (BIG THUMBS UP). LOL

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  2. I’m in my twenties and I know that I’m capable of this kind of feeling. So if I am, it means that there have to be others who want the same. Maybe we should just open up to more possibilities.

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  3. Lovely. There was this woman…and a time…and this song.
    Your poetry brings me straight back to her, and our time together.
    I can’t begin to say how real your words are, and the way they speak to me.
    You are truly gifted; a romantic and loving soul.
    I always look forward to your words.

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  4. Nous avons nos habitudes, nos rythmes, mon amie fidèle, au rendez-vous du premier article, du premier café…

    We have our habits, our rhythms, my faithful friend, the appointment of the first article, the first coffee …

    Bonne soirée

    Good evening

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  5. Reblogged this on sherriemiranda1 and commented:
    Tosha Michelle is an amazing poet! Her words can break your heart or heal your mortal wounds. She always finds the perfect image & often gifts us with a beautiful video too! Even she hasn’t her “Only One” yet, she will. 😉😘☺️😍
    Peace, love & a great partner for all,

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  6. I really wish this would be practised by both men and women so much more…..
    It’s so dry, this pseudo reality people have created of searching by letting parts of themselves go to randoms…..until the one person that does come along, that is worth eternity with, you’re too given away to be recognised as whole.
    There is a psychological advantage of waiting for one… Be it a man or woman. When all things are what both want, the physical is negligible and will only ever be understood through each other if they are sensible enough not to fall victim to society’s fake standards,…… The reference point is only each other.

    I loved this piece… I really adore it

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  7. I would never say you’re far from a dream or even close to one as you are a great person to know. I didn’t realize you’re a mom though by a post last week. I’m sure you’re a great mom. I’m sure you get compliments daily;) I’m glad to know you:)

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