American Honey


I miss childhood,
when I could climb trees,
unencumbered by branches.
The delicate days new born,
when hope came in dancing in
from the backyard and stayed
for Sunday dinner.
Endlessly long days that
always seem to fade into
sunsets and deliriously delectable
dreams of dandelions and
determined alliteration.
There, nights were made
of lightening and a well lit horizon-
the symphony neverending.

Now life has uprooted that sense
of joy, of ignition.
These days I’m just sound
slighted, the residue
of the morning mist,
burnt out on the melody.
Longing for backyard green,
the verve, the contentment.

-Tosha Michelle


68 thoughts on “American Honey

  1. That video reminded me of being in the garden with my mum having out the washing! The big fresh smelling sheets billowing in the wind almost knocking me off my little feet! Not thought of that for many a year! Love a good thunderstorm too xx

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      1. Yes, very good, Mum did well to make me feel special, considering there were 4 of us and I never felt less than any other, I’m not even sure how she accomplished that!

        Ah, I see you mentioned Lightening, not Lightning – a good day for you ends sweetly, not with a minor apocalypse! Duly noted! πŸ˜€ XX

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  2. Tosha, this is beautiful. I love the feelings of youth that you’ve captured. I think we yo-yo between looking forward and backward. (I like to travel in reverse, the past can be so addictive and bittersweet!) πŸ™‚ Have a great evening! ~ Mia

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  3. Tosha this poem moved me to tears. I feel every pound of life as it weighs heavier every year . I have lost the freedom and the wonder of childhood. I can be bitter these days, at Life and the blows to face it gives me , but I try hard not to be.
    I feel afraid all of the bravery gone. Then I see my grandson and feel hope, I become brave. Thank you for this poem. xxx

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  4. For me it’s the other way around. My childhood experiences were less than desirable. Bored and frightened way to much. Now my experiences are filled with joy and hope. Now my life has meaning and contentment. I guess we all have our own individual life experiences eh.
    Here’s to those days past, that child-like wonder, to be brought back afresh and anew in your life Tosha.

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    1. I understand. I was sick a lot as a child and bullied as an older kid but there were these joyful, carefree moments that stand out in my mind. Catching fireflies, playing King of the hill with my cousins, eating homemade ice cream etc. I’m so glad you have found wonder in the now. You certainly seem full of joy and light. xx

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  5. Beautiful, delightful and honest as always, Tosha.:) Your carefully crafted words brought my childhood to mind (which isn’t an easy task,) and I miss it, also. The happy memories, anyway.

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  6. I love how you bring back that age of innocence and carefree moments. There is more to childhood memories than just the innocent joy, there is the full living in the moment which you bring out so well and that we, as adults, have forgotten to do most of the time as many of us spend time reminiscing yesterdays and worrying about tomorrows. A gorgeous combination with the song and image but would have loved to hear your own cover πŸ™‚

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      1. Welcome, that sounds wonderful and thanks. Sorry you’re struggling with my song. Perhaps I should not have put a melody to it and that would have left your mind freer to create as you choose. I am looking forward as I am sure you will strike something good anyway. Your mind is very creative and you have a knack for making music and singing it πŸ™‚

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