Seasoning the Seasons


Remember youth, eating pizza at 3 a.m. and wearing t-shirts that declared anarchy? Remember the blind faith in yourself and the world? Looking back, I want that innocence. I want more of the sun, the garden, the high notes. I want time to stay green. Maybe if I pretend I can’t see it. I’ll be the ship sailing on an ocean of oblivion, not yet knowing I’m at the horizon’s mercy.

Is it really about time, though, or my desire for time? Do I want to spend my life avoiding the clock’s vibrations?

Come rest by me, take my hand and we’ll watch day stumble into evening. As I look into your soulful eyes. I think perhaps, I don’t want to be young again. Maybe it’s better if we invite every tragedy, and wisdom learned to sit here beside us. I want maturity rolling on our tongues when our mouths mate. I want the years naked between us, drinking from our wine.

Maybe, as we rest here in the stillness of twilight, the sky will open for us, showering us with petals and what we don’t want to see will seem softer, tender. And we’ll welcome whatever comes next with our t-shirts of wisdom, knowing there are still horizons yet to unfold.

-Tosha Michelle


61 thoughts on “Seasoning the Seasons

  1. Beautifully written Tosha. To turn back time when life seemed so easy and carefree. Yet with age and maturity comes wisdom and appreciation. I say we just live for now and all its unplanned seasons and make the best of it all A lovely post.

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  2. These are wise words, Tosha. Youthful innocence may promote bliss, but ignorance is still ignorance. Opening our eyes to the true nature of the world might feel like falling in near-freezing water, but it is also necessary. What we don’t want to see will only become softer and more tender if we face it.

    On a more personal note, I think I’m more content now than I was when I was younger. Having a stronger sense of purpose more than makes up for the loss of youthful innocence.

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    1. Hey, Josh. That’s exactly the theme of Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey”! (The overt theme, anyway. There’s enough delicious tension in that poem to leave us wondering if the pull toward the greater purpose of adulthood really outweighs the nostalgic pull of childhood.)

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  3. Your prose is poetry in motion and so filled with great lines and imagery. My favorite is say stumbling into evening…that is just brilliant 🙂

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  4. For some reason I’ve been on a punk kick lately & the opening lines made me smile from the connection to that. Another great piece! Thank you for all you provide!

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  5. Beautiful piece Tosha, I was going to say when I was younger I was a bit of an idiot, but thats not really true, I had more miles to go than I do now, and I was running then where now I walk – I’m not sure I see more now than I did then, my vision is more selective, and I know more, or I think I do! Xx


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