The British Are Coming


If you aren’t following this lovely whackadoo, you’re missing out on some pretty terrific stuff.(See link below) God, it pains me to write that. He’ll get that. You won’t.

I’d like to keep him all to myself but where’s the blog love in that? I encourage you to follow the link and the yellow brick road. I promise you’ll like the man behind the curtain. I don’t, of course, but that’s another story šŸ˜‰ Seriously, check him out 

No. 2095 –


29 thoughts on “The British Are Coming

  1. I am stunned to my devilish feet and fuzzy looking face!!!
    I’m gonna need a drink. What’s the catch?
    Bless ya tiny legs! FANKS!
    How am I supposed to be horrible to you and, in turn, accept your constant spine-chewing now?!
    MWAH to Youuuuuuuuu.

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      1. Sooooooo hard and I didn’t even need viagra. And we’ve come full circle Now if you excuse me, I have the sudden urge to take a shower. I feel so dirty. Until we banter again, you, fungus infected, yodeling, cow tipping, banjo pickin deliverance style neanderthal

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      2. Never have I once imagined you half and half! Not an image I wish to stay behind my eyes.
        Make room in the shower, I think I may need one too. Turn your back though! I don’t need to be seeing your ding-a-ling!
        You bile-covered, swamp-licking, half-and-half, terminally rotten egg-farting, arse-strain!
        BTW: knowing you has reallllllly expanded my verbal abuse vocabulary.
        We should write a book together!!

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